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Ask and ye shall receive! Here are the answers to the questions we get asked the most about content. Hopefully they answer some of the questions weighing on your mind! But if you’ve got a question that we didn’t answer here, please feel free to fill out the contact form on this page or call us at 888-886-0939.

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  • Why does the content on my lawyer website matter so much? Isn’t my website just a big online advertisement?

    Great lawyer web marketing is about more than just providing an online billboard. Your potential clients expect relevant and engaging web content when they come to you online, and most people will immediately move on if your lawyer website provides nothing of substance – just a useless plug for your law firm.

    Think about it this way. You would never sit down with a worried client in your office and spend the whole time showing off your degrees and awards or aggressively convincing them how great you are. Instead, you’d listen to their concerns, respond thoughtfully, and provide sympathy and guidance – like the professional you are. You should think about your lawyer website content the same way, especially as the nature of online communication becomes more and more social over time.

    These days, most people turn to their laptops, desktops, or smartphones when they have questions or concerns. Someone with a legal problem is now more likely to turn to Google before they open a phonebook or contact anyone in person. Your lawyer website is your chance to make a great first impression, build trust, create a personal connection, provide crucial information, and encourage your potential clients to take the next step and contact you. And you just can’t do that with a static website that only functions as an advertisement.

    If you’d like to learn more about effective attorney web marketing and creating great lawyer website content, reach out to the experienced online content team at Foster Web Marketing. You can reach us at 1-888-886-0939 for more answers, or you can simply fill out the quick contact form on this page for more information. 

  • I’ve been told my lawyer website content is “thin.” How can I improve it?

    If your current site is thin on content, you’ve probably noticed a huge decrease in your traffic over the last year or so. Google algorithm updates have put an increased emphasis on rich content, and many sites with thin or spammy content have watched their traffic plummet as a result. However, it is possible to improve your rankings and salvage a website that has been filled with thin content over time. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

    • Start providing great content. Probably the most important thing you can do is to just start creating better online content. Update your lawyer website with rich and engaging content now, and post new content at least once a month – or, ideally, a few times a week.
    • Improve old content. Go back through your website content and start fleshing out short articles, correcting errors, deleting duplicate content, and weeding out outdated or “black hat” optimization tactics.
    • Delete the worst offenders. If you have a few landing pages that are particularly bad, it may be worth just deleting them entirely. Don’t forget to clean up any broken links this might cause or redirect traffic to a more relevant landing page.

    To learn more about creating great attorney content for the web, request your FREE copy of our must-read book The Secret to Content That Gets You Cases, Plain and Simple.

    And, if you need help improving your current lawyer website content, speak with our experienced online attorney marketing team today. You can reach us at 1-888-886-0939 to discuss your website content concerns, or you can simply fill out the quick contact form on this page to learn more. 

  • How can I get more people to read my attorney blog?

    So you’ve written a few blog posts for your attorney blog, but it doesn’t seem like anyone is showing up to read it. What can you do to bring in more readers? Here are a few easy things you can do to get the word out and share your blog with more potential clients:

    • Make sure your blog is accessible from your attorney website. It seems simple, but making your blog accessible from your main website makes it easier for potential clients to get the information they need.
    • Apply appropriate SEO techniques. If the search engines can’t find your blog, then it’s unlikely that your potential clients will. Apply SEO techniques to your blog the same way you use SEO for your attorney website content.
    • Share it through social media. Use your social media sites, like Facebook or Twitter, to promote your new blog posts and get feedback from your audience.
    • Network through other relevant blogs and forums. Consider writing a guest blog on a relevant site or posting helpful information on an appropriate forum. And, of course, tactfully include a link to your blog.
    • Promote your blog in your other marketing materials. Promote your blog in your newsletter, mail campaign, or other marketing materials. Consider highlighting a particularly interesting post or a post you feel your clients could particularly benefit from reading.

    If you think it sounds like a lot of work to promote your attorney blog, you’re right. But maintaining an informative and engaging blog can go a long way toward bringing in an online audience, reaching potential clients, and convincing those potential clients to pick up the phone and actually call you instead of your competitors. If you need a little assistance writing for the Web, reach out to our experienced online content writers today at 1-888-886-0939 to talk about how better content can help you and your law firm reach more paying customers.


  • What can a website content writer do for my attorney website?

    Because there are many special tactics unique to writing for the Web, many law firms choose to hire an outside company to handle their attorney website content. If you’ve never considered hiring a website content writer, realize that an experienced writer can create content that: 

    • Informs your reader. A professional writer can produce content that helps answer your potential clients’ questions and addresses common concerns – which is exactly what most users are looking for when they turn to the Web. 
    • Engages with your reader. The best attorney website writing starts a conversation with potential clients and encourages them to comment and ask questions. 
    • Promotes your law firm. A skilled writer will produce content that lets your law firm’s personality shine through and makes you look like the expert to turn to for legal help. Including a well-crafted call to action in your website content also encourages users to reach out and contact you. 
    • Uses the right amount of SEO magic. Good content writers know that SEO tactics need to be incorporated wisely and naturally. Finding the right balance is crucial, and the guidelines change each time Google changes its algorithm – which is a great reason to leave it to the professionals who keep up with every new update. 
    • Is clear and easy to understand. Ultimately, your potential clients need information that is written in language that makes sense and is easy to understand. A great content writer can avoid complicated legal terms and write with a clear intention.  

    Creating and maintaining great website content is time consuming, and it’s not unusual to look to the professionals for help. If you need a website content writer, or if you just need help producing better attorney website content, reach out to our experienced online legal marketing team at 1-888-886-0939 or simply fill out our online contact form for more information.  

  • How can I make my attorney website content stand out in comparison to my competitors?

    When you look at your competitor websites, you might notice that many offer their visitors the same tired information, the same free consultation, and the same pitch. To stand out in the crowd, it’s important to offer unique content. But how can you accomplish that?


    • Use your own voice. Nothing makes you stand out more than being yourself. Many legal articles are overly technical and don’t have a human element. You can stand out simply by producing articles that sound like you – a caring, educated attorney.
    • Diversify. Don’t just write straight-up legal information articles. Provide your audience with videos, lists, FAQs, blog posts, and news items. The more types of articles you have, the more likely it is that a visitor will find what they need.
    • Think outside the box. What information can you give your readers that other law firms don’t offer? What about a sample timeline for a general or common case? Or a first-person story of a client’s experience?


    At Foster Web Marketing, we can make sure that your lawyer website has high-quality, unique content that your visitors are looking for. We can help you write it, or help you learn the keys to successful content writing for attorneys. Call today to find out more.

  • How can I figure out what kind of content my attorney web visitors want to read?

    One of the keys to producing great attorney website content is knowing exactly what those who looking for a lawyer like you want to read. But how can you possibly figure that out? Here are three ideas:

    • Think about what questions they have when they walk in your door. When people search for information on the internet, they are always trying to answer a question. If you can predict what questions they are asking, you can predict what content they are looking for.
    • Have them fill out a survey at your office. Once a person has signed on as your client, ask them a few questions about why they chose you and what they needed most when they were looking for an attorney.
    • Look at Google Analytics. Google Analytics will show you exactly what keywords people typed into the search engine to find your page. These keywords will often let you know what content people are looking for most.​ 

    There’s also a fourth way to find out what kind of content writing for attorneys you should post on your lawyer website – work with Foster Web Marketing to get regular ideas and guidance. Call us today for more information.

  • How Long Should My Legal Blog Posts Be?

    There is no “magic number” when it comes to attorney blog post word length – and don’t believe anyone who tells you that, for SEO purposes, all of your blog posts should be a set number of words. The best answer is that the length of your blog posts should vary depending on how much you have to say and what your readers want to know.


    In general, however, if you absolutely need an answer, a blog post shouldn’t be shorter than 200 words or longer than 1,000 words. If your blog post is under 200 words, you don’t have enough room to give your readers much valuable information – they might feel like your article was a waste of their time. On the other hand, if your blog post is longer than 1,000 words, you might lose your readers’ attention or they might get intimidated by scrolling through your long blocks of text. Don’t make all of your blog posts a set number of words – both readers and the Google spiders might be suspicious if all of your blogs are exactly 350 words long.


    When writing a lawyer blog post, concentrate on conveying legal information in a concise, interesting, and clear way – in other words, think about the reader. If you find you are trying to stretch out a blog post by adding filler, or if you are skipping over key points to keep an article short, you aren’t doing any favors for your reader – or your SEO.


    Want to learn more about awesome content writing for lawyers? Contact Foster Web Marketing today.

  • Can I cut and paste legal content into my attorney website from other sources?

    No! There are several big reasons that you should never, ever put duplicate content on your website – either content that you find on other websites or content that you are recycling from your own pages:


    • You might well be stealing. Taking content from other pages is not an ethical move – that content was researched and written by someone else. Plagiarizing isn’t good for the business or, we would argue, in general.
    • You are gravely harming your SEO. Google and other search engine spiders can spot duplicate copy from a mile away – and they do not like finding it. Original content is one of their favorite things.
    • You could be passing on bad information. Blindly using content means losing control over what you are posting. If you create content yourself or hire others, you can be sure that you are providing accurate information to potential clients.
    • You want to give your readers unique content. Your attorney website is about standing out in a crowd – how are you going to be edgy and original if you are using other people’s tired, generic material?


    Do you want to learn more about content writing for lawyers? Give the legal writing experts at Foster Web Marketing a call today, and take control of your attorney website.

  • What are the top 5 bankruptcy questions I should answer in my FAQ?

    Below are the top five most common questions you should answer for your future clients. These are the answers that will provide them a foundation as they step into the bankruptcy world:

    1. If I decide to file, will the creditors stop calling me?
    2. What will happen to my spouse if I file?
    3. Who will find out if I decide to file?
    4. Will I ever be able to get credit again?
    5. How much does it cost to file bankruptcy?
    Answer these questions, and you will be able to take away some of the stress felt when someone is considering filing for bankruptcy. By providing them a bit of education on the matter, you will be able to build trust and confidence in you and your practice.

    Bankruptcy lawyer marketing needs a relevant and useful FAQ section. Answer each of the questions posted (and more!) in individual FAQ postings. Take your time and answer the questions as if you were having a sit-down conversation with each individual. By extending your hand through your FAQs, you are on your way to converting a user into a contact.

    To find out more about how Foster Web Marketing can help your bankruptcy attorney practice grow through Internet marketing, contact us today at 888.886.0939, or fill out our contact form. Also, make sure you are not making mistakes with your website by ordering our free book The 5 Biggest Mistakes 99% of Lawyers Make with Their Websites.

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