Social Media and Your Small Business: You Asked, We Answered!

Before you make a big mistake on social media, be sure to look over these common questions. Asked by small business owners like you and answered by our team, they can help you avoid some of the most common social media mistakes made by business owners. If you have a question that isn’t addressed here, please do not hesitate to call us at 888-886-0939.


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  • Will active participation on Facebook and other social media sites help boost my SEO power?

    Yes. Increasingly, Google and other search engines are factoring social media activity into their ranking formulas. The ways social media factors include:

    • The number of times a site or a page on a site has been liked, shared, retweeted, stumbled upon, or +1'ed
    • The number of mentions on Twitter
    • The number of people who have you in their Google+ circle
    • Increased brand awareness and loyalty
    • More inbound links
    • More positive reviews
    • Decreased bounce rate
    • Increased time on page

    Because of this, our team encourages you to go out and embrace attorney social media. Besides being powerful, a major benefit of social media is that it's free!  Create an account today. Or, if you already have an account, dust it off and begin using it again. Start by posting a link to your newest free offer or an interesting blog post. Follow up by asking a question of your audience or posting an updated picture of your office or staff. Facebook and other sites will make you appear accessible, easy to talk to, and knowledgeable. If you do it right.

    But...There Is Always a But

    Social media has the potential to boost your SEO power and increase awareness of your practice, but only if you do it right. Getting social media for attorneys just right isn't simple. But, once you get the hang of it, you will be able to quickly shoot out a new post or tweet, reaching potential clients who wouldn't have heard of you otherwise.  

    Call 888.886.0939 to speak with our social media super team about the right—and wrong—ways to engage your audience and attract new clients.   

  • How should I approach social media marketing for my law firm in 2013?

    One of the factors that makes social media marketing so exciting is that the rules and best practices are constantly changing. If you set up the social media accounts for your law firm a few years ago and haven’t made many changes since then, it’s worth sitting down with your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media accounts to find out what you could be doing better.

    Tips for Handling Your Social Media Marketing in 2013

    If you think your social media presence could use some love, try a few of these helpful tips for dusting off your social media marketing strategy as we move into 2013:

    • Make sure you’re getting involved. Your audience expects you to be social when you’re getting involved in social media. Make sure you are posting often, responding to comments, and reach out to your readers. 
    • The focus should be on your past, current, and potential clients. Your social media presence should be more than just marketing materials and information about how great you are. Think about the questions and concerns your potential clients have, and work to put out content that will really be helpful to them.  
    • Don’t forget about the power of video. Online video is still only increasing in popularity every year—and it lets your potential clients SEE and HEAR what to expect when they come in to meet with you. If you haven’t already, try adding a few videos to your social media sites. 
    • Beware of over-optimization of your social media accounts. As attorney search engine optimization evolves, there is less emphasis on SEO “tricks” and more emphasis on just providing relevant, interesting content for your audience. 

    If you need help building a great social media marketing plan for your law firm, or if you have questions about how social media can connect you with more potential clients and customers, please speak with our team today at 1-888-886-0939 for more information. At Foster Web Marketing, we know how to do social media for attorneys right, and we’d be happy to help you make your law firm shine online. 

  • I’m not seeing the results I want from my law firm’s Facebook and Twitter campaigns. How can I improve my ineffective social media marketing?

    How you improve your social media marketing strategy really depends on what your goals for using social media really are. Think about what you want out of social media. Do you want more clients? More contacts? Do you want to provide better customer service and maintain relationships with prior clients? Once you clearly understand your goals, ask yourself this round of questions: 

    • What kind of content am I providing?
    • How often am I adding new content?
    • Am I responding to comments and messages in a timely manner?
    • How active are social media users in following and sharing my content?
    • Am I effectively engaging with my social media followers?
    • Am I really meeting and maintaining relationships with potential and prior clients?

    If your social media could use some work in one of more of these areas, start making real progress toward improvement while keeping your social media goals in mind. Think about ways you can increase your engagement with your social audience, and think about providing compelling content that would be more relevant to your ideal client.

    It’s also worth noting that social media marketing takes a little time to gain momentum. You aren’t likely to see sizeable results immediately, but you should start to see better results over time—especially if you continue to provide interesting and shareable social media content!

    If you need help improving your social media marketing, speak with the friendly, online attorney marketing team with Foster Web Marketing today. We’d be happy to take a look at your current campaign and put in the work to make it the powerful marketing tool it should be. Just give us a call today at 1-888-886-0939, or fill out the online contact form on this page for more information.  

  • Could my law firm’s marketing plan benefit from having an Instagram account?

    These days, about 90 percent of businesses are taking advantage of social media marketing opportunities, especially on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. However, fewer businesses – and even fewer law firms – have experimented with newer and more abstract social media websites. For example, Instagram is a popular photo-blogging website with over 30 million users, but few businesses have tapped into the marketing potential of the visual social media website.

    How can attorneys use Instagram to boost their social media marketing plan?

    • Take interesting pictures from you day – certainly at the office and perhaps outside of the office.
    • Create hashtags for your photos that are relevant and that will attract new followers.
    • Follow the Instagram accounts of those in your industry and community.
    • Share Instagram photos on Facebook and Twitter.
    • Get others in your office to post relevant images to Instagram.
    • Check out how other businesses are utilizing Instagram to help their brand and strengthen relationships with customers and clients.
    • Geo-tag your pictures to attract local attention and engage in location-specific marketing.
    • Get creative with your photos!

    Studies have shown that images attract more attention than plain text when it comes to social media. In addition, it’s likely that your competition hasn’t taken advantage of Instagram for marketing purposes. Get ahead of the crowd, start an account, and begin posting pictures today.

    Need help with your social media marketing campaign or want more ideas about how to tap into visual social media marketing? Contact our team at Foster Web Marketing today by calling 888-886-0939.

  • How personal or casual can I get with my updates if I’m using Facebook to market my law firm?

    How personal you get when you’re using Facebook to market your law firm is really up to you. Although you should probably avoid spending all your time talking about yourself, readers do enjoy learning more about you and your interests outside of the office. And your online audience may feel more comfortable coming to you with legal problems if they already feel like they know you.

    Keep in mind, though, that your ultimate goal in using Facebook for social media marketing is to represent your law firm in its best light and engage with potential clients. Your Facebook updates should reflect that—even the updates that offer a glimpse of your life outside of the office. Here are a few guidelines for finding the right balance between personal and professional when you’re updating Facebook for your law firm:

    • Don’t overdo it. Personal posts are a great way to engage with readers, but don’t just post about yourself. Make sure that you focus on topics related to your law practice, especially topics that offer tips and information that may be useful to your potential clients.
    • Don’t air out personal problems. You should always treat your Facebook updates as public information and a reflection of your law firm. It should go without saying, but stop yourself before you post that off-topic personal rant or leave an angry comment.
    • Pretend you’re attending a community social engagement. If you wouldn’t say it at a charity fundraiser or an office party, don’t say it on Facebook. You should be friendly and open to your online audience while still remaining professional. Any photos you post should be family friendly, and your posts should be appropriately reserved.  

    If you’re not using Facebook to promote your law firm online, you could be missing out on a valuable avenue to reach potential clients and build credibility. Talk to our social media marketing experts today to learn more about online marketing for your practice. You can reach us at 1-888-886-0939 or by filling out our quick online contact form.  


  • Are there any disadvantages to social media marketing for attorneys?

    Social media marketing for attorneys can be a powerful tool to grow your practice, but there can be disadvantages if you fumble in how you handle it. Using social media poorly or inappropriately can hurt your law firm rather than help it, and it’s worth taking the time to learn more about appropriate use of social media before you dive in. 

    If you want to use social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter to market a law firm online, keep in mind that proper social media use takes:

    • Time. If you’re doing social media right, then you’ve probably already discovered that it’s a time-consuming process that generally requires daily attention. 
    • Effort. Just having a profile isn’t enough – you will need to post interesting and relevant content regularly, keep up with any changes, and keep an eye on things with analytics tools.
    • Engagement. Social media requires a certain level of engagement. Be prepared to get your audience talking, and be ready to respond promptly to comments. 

    Sound like a lot of work? It certainly can be. However, social media marketing is becoming more and more important to both your online audience and your attorney SEO efforts. Don’t miss out on new clients and new contacts because you don’t have the time or the skills to master social media marketing. Just give the online marketing experts at Foster Web Marketing a call at 1-888-886-0939 to learn more about how we can give your social media presence a professional boost. 

  • Should I hire someone to manage our social media accounts?

    You may have decided that social media marketing is good for your law office and your attorney website. But you may not have decided who should be in charge of managing your social media accounts and developing a social media marketing plan. 

    For many attorneys, focusing on their cases and clients comes first, but delegating your social media marketing updates, your online promotions, and your social networking strategy can prove tricky. Giving the job to an intern can mean that your social media marketing strategies lack a long-term goal or big-picture thinking. Handing it to another employee in your office might mean that social networking tasks – like Tweeting news or communicating with potential clients on Facebook – gets put on the back burner. 

    Some companies, including law firms, choose to outsource their social media marketing. This option comes with benefits and drawbacks. Having someone who is fully invested in looking after your social media marketing plan can make a huge difference in the success of your online marketing strategies, but having someone not intimately connected with your law firm can make interactions less personal and less effective. 

    Whoever you put in charge of managing your social media accounts, be certain that you have a specific strategy in place and that each of your social networking sites are updated and checked on a daily basis. It can and will make a difference to your law firm. 

    Do you need more guidance on how to manage your social networking accounts? Call Foster Web Marketing today at 888.886.0939 to talk to one of our team members. 

  • Okay, I set up a Twitter account for my law firm. What should I Tweet about?

    Many attorneys know that having a Twitter account can help get new clients and great local exposure. But many don’t really know what they should Tweet to keep their audience interested and engaged. Here are a few ideas:

    • Link to your newest blog post, article, or case results. One of the best uses of Twitter is to get your social media audience to visit your website.
    • Report on local news related to your practice. Twitter is often used for local news, and users love to get updates on stories that affect them.
    • Share a personal update or picture. While your Twitter feed shouldn’t be all about you, social media is a great way to humanize your practice. Post an inspirational quote from a book you are reading or a picture of a trip to the beach you took with your family.
    • Re-Tweet important Tweets from the legal world. Twitter is about connecting with others and sharing important information. Be sure to follow the important legal feeds, and pass on any pertinent breaking news.

    Do you need help improving your online attorney marketing strategy or breaking into marketing through social media? The team at Foster Web Marketing can help. Call us today at 888.886.0939 to get started.

  • I don’t have many followers on Twitter, and I feel like I’m wasting my time using it to promote my law firm. What am I missing?

    Using social media for attorneys and law firms can be a little tricky. While you do want to use these platforms to promote your law firm and bring in potential clients, you can’t approach social media marketing the same way you might approach more traditional marketing tactics. Social media is all about creating relationships and engaging with people. If you don’t feel like you’re getting the most out of Twitter, ask yourself these questions:


    • How often do I Tweet? To keep people interested, you have to Tweet often. If you’re Tweeting less than once a day, then you probably aren’t getting much out of Twitter.


    • How long have I been using Twitter? It takes some time to build a following, even if you do everything right. If you’ve just started using Twitter, keep up the good work and be patient.


    • Do I constantly Tweet the same thing? Unfortunately, a lot of people use Twitter to send out spam. If you constantly send out the same Tweet, most people will assume you’re just spamming and will ignore you.


    • Are all my Tweets just promoting my law firm? Social media platforms are made for people to reach out and share information. If you always Tweet about your law firm, try mixing it up a little with helpful information, links to interesting articles, or something fun.


    Social media marketing can be powerful, but it can also be confusing and time consuming. If you need a hand with using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites more effectively, get in touch with our online attorney marketing experts at 888-886-0939 today.

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