Social Media and Your Small Business: You Asked, We Answered!

Before you make a big mistake on social media, be sure to look over these common questions. Asked by small business owners like you and answered by our team, they can help you avoid some of the most common social media mistakes made by business owners. If you have a question that isn’t addressed here, please do not hesitate to call us at 888-886-0939.


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  • Should I try to design the Facebook page for my law firm or hire someone to do it? Does the design even matter?

    Whether it is the design of your website or Facebook page, it does matter. People do pay attention to the layout, graphics and other features on Facebook pages.

    If you are tech savvy, you can try to design your Facebook business page yourself. You should include as many interesting features as you can, such as your YouTube channel, video boxes, chat boxes and images. However, you don’t want your Facebook page to appear as if it was thrown together, so you might want to consider hiring a graphic designer.

    A designer can help you create custom logos and other images. Plus, Facebook has its own version of HTML, known as FBML. A graphic designer can use FBML to make your page look sharp.

    To learn more about setting up a Facebook business page, including the design, read our article, The ABC’s of Creating a Facebook Business Page For Your Law Firm. If you are looking for help with your attorney Web marketing campaign, give us a call at 888.886.0939.

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  • Do I need a blog as a lawyer?

    ABSOLUTELY. People value your expert opinion, and there is no better way to have your voice heard than a blog. One of our clients was actually found recently by a CNN producer about Natasha Richardson's tragic skiing accident because he posted the news story on his blog and was interviewed by Anderson Cooper as a legal expert. Here is the video:

    Click here for more information on why you, as an attorney, NEED a blog.

  • What do I blog about?

    You can blog about anything legal-related, but you should try to keep it specific to the location where your practice law. Blog about local news stories that relate to your practice area(s), like an auto accident on the local highway, or a recent verdict, and offer your expert insight and opinion on these topics. The more EXPERT information that you share, the more value that you're building with both your readers, and the search engines.

  • What are blog tags and why are they important?

    We hear this question a lot. Think of blog tags as the keywords for your blog.

    Depending on what blog platform you're using, there are a number of ways that your blog can benefit from specified tags. Some blogs offer plugins such as tag clouds where each tag that has been designated to a blog post will show up in the sidebar, and the most commonly-used tags are in larger font. Most blog platforms also include a page for each blog tag. Why is this important?

    Let's say one of your practice areas is auto accidents, and motorcycle accidents is a tag that you frequently use. Every time you make a blog post that includes that tag, it gets added to the page that includes all blog posts including "motorcycle accidents" as a tag, making the chances of your blog being found through search engines greater.

    However, the main reason to use blog tags is to categorize your content. Google likes everything to be neat and tidy across the web. Think of blog tags as different buckets that groups posts together. You don't want to add tags for the sake of adding them though. Be strategic in how you use these tags and don't get too specific. It is more beneficial for users to have 4 tags that have 5 posts each assigned to each tag rather than 20 tags for 20 blog posts.

    If you have further questions about blog tags or blogging in general you can contact our web marketing team at 888-886-0939.

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