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As manager of a small business you have to keep a laser focus on your budget, and we get it! After all we are a small company, and we never make a move without deciding where our money is best spent.

Our FAQ section is filled with answers to the questions we get ask the most: questions about the cost of video production, how to get the most of every video you make, and more. If you scroll through and don’t find your question listed, be sure to call 888-886-0939. We would love to give you the answers you seek.


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  • When it comes to video marketing for lawyers, should I use a high-definition camera?

    Everybody knows that it’s better to watch a football game or a blockbuster in high definition, but does high definition make a difference when it comes to online video marketing for lawyers? Absolutely. An HD video not only has a significantly sharper picture and significantly better color than a standard-definition video, it also has cleaner, clearer sound. While this is obviously a great feature on a large, flat-screen television, it also makes a big difference on a smaller computer screen. Low resolution and poor sound can quickly make viewers click away from a video when looking for legal services, and unprofessional videos can reflect poorly on your practice regardless of your case results.

    Video can serve as the first time that your potential clients “meet” you and learn about your law office. It is key that you present your best self – with the best quality video.

    Do you need assistance with producing your online attorney videos? The team at Foster Web Marketing can help you create and display your marketing videos from beginning to end. To browse some of the videos we’ve created, visit our video gallery. To talk to one of our experts about making your own videos, please call 888.886.0939.


  • Can't I Just Use My Computer's Webcam to Create Videos for My Attorney Website?

    While many attorneys understand the importance of adding video to their websites, fewer people understand the importance of adding high-quality videos to their websites. Although it may be tempting to simply produce your own videos while sitting at your desk and utilizing your computer's built-in webcam, lawyer webcam videos will rarely produce the same benefits as professionally produced videos.

    Webcams are becoming a more popular feature on both desktop and laptop computers, but the quality of a webcam is absolutely no match for a professional camera. Webcams will often produce dark, grainy images with poor sound. At the same time, the backdrop for your webcam video will often be your office wall. Believe us; your website visitors will immediately recognize that you are using a webcam to record your video!

    At Foster Web Marketing, we specialize in producing online videos for lawyers that look and sound great. We welcome you to browse through some of our client videos to see just what a difference a professional touch makes - and what an effect video can have on your attorney marketing plan. Do you want to add high-quality lawyer videos to your website? Contact us today at 1.88.886.0939 for more information.

  • I understand the importance of web videos in my marketing strategy, but what if I'm camera shy?

    Camera shy? Don't like your recorded voice? Wish your nose was missing that bump?  The answer for you is a spokesperson. 

    This is a great route to go because, not only is the spokesperson going to look the part, they are also trained to be in front of a camera and speak to an audience they are unable to see. You also get to handpick the person, so you know exactly who is representing you and your attorney practice.

    It is also a good choice to use a spokesperson since they are trained, and they will be able to get through the recording of your video more quickly. Time is precious, and they can utilize your time to the best of their ability.

    Do not feel as if your attorney website cannot have a video because being in front of the camera is not your forte. You have options, and there is a solution. Don't let your web marketing get left behind.

  • Cant I just load old commercials and video clips on my law firms YouTube Channel? Is it really necessary to create new content?

    Don’t use YouTube as a means to refurbish old, outdated videos. Doing so is a waste of your time and your prospects’.

    Think of YouTube as another way to build your brand and get more cases. In 2010 alone, YouTube reached over 700 billion playbacks. Every day, YouTube mobile attracts 100 million views. Make sure you are getting in front of the people who are actively looking for information that you can provide.

    While loading some previously used content on your YouTube Channel is okay, such as television commercials, you also need to be creating new videos. Since so many people are turning to Web video to find answers, you need to continuously upload relevant content.

    The good news is that if you have a website with Foster Web Marketing, syndicating to your YouTube Channel is easy. All you have to do is upload your video into DSS and click on the box, “Upload to YouTube.”

    Posting videos on a regular basis is important and will help your attorney Web marketing campaign. For information about our video continuity plan, contact us today at 888.886.0939.

    Be sure to order a copy of the must-read book, How Really Smart Lawyers Are Using Video on the Web to Get More Cases.

  • How do I add video to my site?

    There are two ways to add video to your Foster Web Marketing site:

    1. Using our Enhanced Video Module (EVM).  Our content management system, DSS, has a module that enables you to upload video to both your site and to YouTube. By using the EVM module, you drastically reduce the time it would take you to blast your videos to each individual site.
    2. Upload your video to YouTube and paste the embed code to your web page.

  • Why should I upload my videos to YouTube and Yahoo!?

    Uploading your videos to several video sites will increase the number of places you will be found. The search engines will only give you one or two listings for your URL.  By uploading to the video sites, you can increase your search engine listings.

  • When I am doing a TV or Web Video interview, do I look at the camera or at the interviewer?

    This is a question we ALWAYS get from our attorney clients. When you are doing an interview - you should look at the INTERVIEWER and NOT the Camera.

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