What about "Reciprocal Linking" how does that happen?

A good search engine optimization company will be concerned about gathering quality inbound links to your website because "link popularity" plays a big factor in rankings. In Google, PageRank™ manages this. Because finding quality links from quality sites is very time consuming, many search engine optimization companies have tried to automate the process. One adverse approach to link building is automated reciprocal linking schemes, often responding to the ever-present emails that are sent to anyone with a website, looking for link exchanges to boost a site's link popularity. The danger here is that an outbound link from your site is counted as a "vote" for the site to which it links. If that site gets penalized, your site may get penalized in turn. (Google refers to this type of linking relationship as a "bad neighborhood.") A good search engine optimization company will concentrate instead on getting context matching, quality links to your website and adding the type of content that makes it worthy of non-reciprocal links from a variety of sites. Foster Web Marketing provides you with a “Link Exchange” page that offers reciprocal linking opportunities to other websites that want to link to you.
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