What is SoMoLo marketing?

SoMoLo is an online marketing term that stands for Social, Mobile, Local. Many marketing experts believe that online marketing has changed forever with the advent of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, new mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, and the new focus customers have toward local businesses and local deals.


In general, people who use the web to find legal information and attorneys are going to be using different devices and different strategies to do so. Ten years ago, businesses could assume that customers were at home at their home desktop computer doing web searches for business website. Today, a customer may be on the go, one their phone, on their laptop, or on their iPad. At the same time, they may find information about your business through social media websites, local promotions, or an app.


How will attorney search engine marketing change to thrive in a SoMoLo world? Many are still developing new marketing plans and trying out new strategies. At Foster Web Marketing, we embrace the changing online marketing world – and make certain our clients are on the cutting edge. To learn more about our services, call 888.886.0939.