What is the Foster Web Marketing Academy?

The Foster Web Marketing Academy is a two-day intensive training program that we hold around the country several times throughout the year. The academy is geared toward attorneys who wish to have an in-depth knowledge of how internet marketing can improve their practice, get better cases, and streamline their overall lawyer marketing strategies. 

Limited to small numbers to increase personal attention and free of sales pitches and vendors, the FWM academy is simply about “teaching a man to fish” – giving you or a representative in your office the tools and knowledge to execute a successful online marketing plan for your law office. 

Some of the topics include: 

  • Understanding local online marketing and local SEO
  • How to write high-quality and unique lawyer content 
  • How to break into attorney video marketing
  • How to find the keywords that will lead your attorney website to success
  • How to develop follow up sequences that work
  • How to harness the power of social media marketing 
  • Understanding mobile device marketing
  • How to build organic links that improve SEO 
  • How to establish yourself as a local legal authority 

For those who can’t attend a FWM Academy in person, we offer a comprehensive 10-DVD set, complete with workbook, companion CD, and textbook that cover all of the most important lessons and points from the conferences. Click here to learn more and order your training system. 

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