Why is it vital to have a mobile website?

Last year, for the first time ever, the sale of smartphones eclipsed the sale of home computers. Millions of Americans surf the Web on these phones every day – and an estimated 30 percent of their mobile phone searches are for local businesses. Almost 90 percent of all cellphones manufactured today include the ability to browse the Web. These numbers are only expected to increase. To put it simply, smartphones are gaining popularity at a shocking rate, and you don’t want your attorney website to be left in the dust.


If you don’t have a smartphone attorney website, people looking at your website from their mobile device will still be able to visit, but the page will load slowly and will be very difficult to navigate. Many of the features that make your website special won’t work at all when accessed from a mobile device.


If you do have a smartphone attorney website, potential clients in your area will be more likely to find your website when searching from their phones – and they will be more likely to stay on your website and give you a call once they find you. In addition, having a mobile website can improve your SEO.


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