Web Design Myths That Need to Die

There is a lot of lingo and many theories about website design that you read about online or hear from other business owners.

You may have heard these phrases bandied about – mobile-first, responsive, flat, UX, UI, usability, parallax – and wondered “What does it all mean?” or “Do I even need to learn about them?” Gretchen Upright will boil it all down for you – what you need to know and what you can forget (or never learn at all). Since 2007, she has worked with hundreds clients on their web design projects. She has seen it all – the good, the bad and the unusable. Learn the answers to:

  1. When should you redesign your site?
  2. Does content matter?
  3. What about mobile?
  4. Which page is the most important page on my site? 

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