How to Be The Life of The Social Media Party

Bad social media is like that socially-awkward guy at a party—he’s making the effort, but it can be a bit cringe-worthy.

Don’t be that guy. Join Molly McCormick to learn the social skills that aren’t taught in law school. Are you trying to force the conversation? You CAN get people to talk about your business, but like a real conversation, it takes some tact. You can’t walk up to a group of people at a party and demand they listen to information about car accidents, so don’t try to do this on social media. Learn how to get people talking organically. Are you discussing the right topics on the right platforms? If Facebook is the fun cocktail party, Twitter is the GLM summit networking hour. There are appropriate topics of conversation for different kinds of parties, and it’s important to know which is which, and how to engage party-goers. Learn which kind of content works best on different platforms. Are you talking to the right people? Social media offers an incredible (and totally unique) way to target EXACTLY the right people—I’m talking scary accurate targeting. Learn how to use this to your advantage! There is literally no other marketing platform that allows you to narrow down to your ideal audience like social media. There is an art to great social media, and Molly will help you master it to generate the kind of business you want.

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