How to Make Informed Decisions About My Business

Are you tired of wasting your money and time trying to analyze your marketing efforts?

Not sure which of your marketing campaigns are working, and which are failing? Want to know where to spend your marketing budget for the upcoming year? Join Zach Stone, one of our senior Web Marketing Strategists, as he discusses how to Get Your Marketing Back on Track with 4 Google Analytics Tricks that Save You Time, Money & Effort. He will help you streamline your efforts in this extremely powerful marketing tool with these 4 Google Analytics tricks:

  1. Learn how to set up “Custom Dashboards” that will help you quickly see the metrics that matter the most to you.
  2. Find out how to set up the most useful “Goals” that will help you track where and how your leads converted on your website.
  3. Discover how to create “Custom Segments” that will help you dig into Google Analytics even deeper, and find underlying trends that wouldn’t be possible to see otherwise.
  4. Master “Events” to learn about specific actions your potential clients are making on your website. Events will help you better track your chat conversions, and tell you what webpages are being read entirely through on your website.

Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool, but without the right guidance you can quickly fall victim to its endless capabilities, and waste hours daily trying to look for information that can be quickly and easily found by the experts. Zach Stone is all about streamlining processes and has a knack for quickly analyzing information. He will help you save precious time, money and effort during this awesome Google Analytics tutorial, so you can get more done in the fastest time possible.

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