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Times they are a changin'... and so is DSS!

We've got a few more changes this week, including some awesome new features to help you find and use videos on your site!  These fixes and features were added to DSS last night, October 13, 2011.  If you have any ideas for improvement or any other comments, please visit our DSS Feedback Page.

New Video Search / Sort / Select Features in DSS EVM

Do you get frustrated with how hard it is to find your videos in EVM once you've loaded them up? Or how about when you try to add a video to a piece of content - that short video name can make it difficult to pick the right video. Well, we now have some great new video searching, sorting and selection features available in DSS.

In DSS, on the Video Upload Library page (On the left sidebar, select Video Library / Edit uploaded videos) you can now search and sort videos using the following criteria:

  • Video schedule post date range - only looking for videos scheduled to post in a certain date range? Use this search feature to narrow down your search results.
  • Video category - narrow down your videos to only those in a certain practice area or category.
  • Change the sort order - sort your videos by Uploaded Date, Scheduled Post Date, or Video Name.

As for adding videos to piece of content, just beneath the "Videos available to play on this page" box on any content page, you'll see a hyperlink for "Preview / Assign Available Videos". Click on this link to view a pop-up box with additional information. In the pop-up, you can see the video thumbnail, the schedule post date, the video menu label, the title of the video and the video category.

If you click on the thumbnail, a lightbox will pop up and you can view the video - right from the selection page. Then all you have to do is check one or more checkboxes next to the video(s) you want to include on your page, and then click "Finish & Close this window" at the top of the page. This will cause your selected videos to be listed in the "Videos currently playing on this page" box, where you can sort them.

There is also a hyperlink for "Preview / Remove Selected Videos" below the "Videos currently playing on this page" box. Here you can view the same information and decide which videos to remove or leave on your page. If you do not click on the hyperlinks, the add / remove video to a content item functionality is exactly the same as it was before.


Improvements to how you receive contact form information from DSS

Whenever a visitor to your website fills out a contact form or free offer form on your website, you get an email from DSS letting you know. Now when you get an email from DSS, the email will be from [email protected]. The best part of this change is that now all you have to do to keep your DSS contact emails from getting stuck in your spam filter is add [email protected] to your email white / safe list!

In addition, when you "reply to" a contact email, the "send to" field will default to the email address entered by the person who filled out the contact form. This makes it easy for you to quickly reach out to potential clients who have contacted you through DSS.

Finally, we have implemented an outside e-mail relay and delivery solution for all contacts, book orders, and newsletter e-mails sent to our customers and their clients. This will prevent client e-mail hosted with us from being blacklisted if someone reports a newsletter or contact form as SPAM to their internet provider. In addition, it decreases the risk of your newsletters and contact form confirmations from being bucketed in the recipients' SPAM folders.

DSS "Support Request" link fixed

If you've been frustrated because you've had trouble submitting a support request through DSS, this is for you. We have fixed the troublesome "Support Request" link at the top right of the DSS page, so if you have a problem with DSS or with your site, please use this link to get help.

Did you know that there are 3 ways to submit a support ticket through DSS?

  • The "Support Request" link in the DSS utility menu
  • The "Need Help? - Contact Customer Support" link in the right side of the DSS header
  • The "Help | Support" link on the left sidebar under Site Admin

Give us your feedback on the DSS Feedback Page, and read more about what we've been doing for you on the DSS Release Summary page.

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