Here is what the DSS Team has done for you lately...

These features were recently added to DSS - go ahead and log-in to try them for yourself!

View the status of your customer service tickets from your DSS Dashboard

Are you waiting on the FWM team to fix a problem with your site or add a new feature for you?  Never feel like you're left in the dark again!  Just log into DSS, click on "DSS Dashboard" from the top of the left menu, and then scroll to the bottom of the Dashboard.  You'll see a tab for open Customer Service tickets, and a tab for recently closed tickets.  Best of all, if you submit a Support Request through DSS it will immediately pop up on your list of open tickets!  Please note, this is new functionality so you won't see much on your "closed" tab right now.

Manage your office addresses across multiple sites!

More and more of our clients are creating Speed Pass sites, which are additional websites under their primary account.  In the past, websites for each client shared common Office Address information.  No more!  Now we've organized your Office infomation by client with the ability to create a custom display on each of your websites.  Please watch the video explaning how this new feature works (thanks to our website model Jimeno & Gray!)

Even if you only have one website with FWM, please check out the video.  You cannot just add a new office address through the "Office Location(s)" page - you also have to drag and drop it to your website's office list through the "Office Mapping" page.

IMPORTANT! More changes to the way DSS sends email for contact forms and newsletters

We've had to make some changes to how DSS sends out email whenever a potential client fills out a contact form on your website, and to how DSS sends newsletters (did you know that there is a Newsletter module in DSS?  Check out Email Newsletter under Site Admin on the left menu bar).  These changes were necessary to comply with industry-standard best practices.

We're Rocking the world of mobile video!

Do you have a mobile website with Foster Web Marketing?  Our video team has been working hard to optimize the videos, thumbnails and splash images that appear on phones, tablets and iPads for your site.  Over the next few weeks we'll be re-encoding all of your videos to take advantage of these new video formats, so site visitors will be able to watch your videos on virtually any smartphone or tablet (yes, even iPhones and iPads!)  For those of you with mobile sites, we'll contact you individually once your videos have been processed.

Home Page too LONG?  Turn off the Practice Area blurbs!

If you have a lot of practice areas on your website and think that your home page is too LOOOOONG, we have a solution for you.  Go into DSS, select "Home" from the left sidebar, and scroll down to the bottom - you'll see a checkbox for "Display practice areas in home page".  Check this, and the practice area blurbs at the bottom of your home page will be hidden.  Watch this video to see how easy it is (and thank you to Vujasinovic & Beckcom for being our website model for this one!)

Phew!  That's a lot of new features - try them out and let us know what you think.

Dedicated to YOUR success, The DSS Team

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