The 2014 Foster Web Marketing Boot Camp Handout List

These are all of the links and resources you will need to access during and after the 2014 Foster Web Marketing Boot Camp

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Dave's Strategy Guide

Internet Marketing Overview

  1. A Beginners Guide to SEO
  2. Content Templates
  3. A Client's Guide to Great Content

Local SEO and Legal Websites

  1. Directory List for Attorneys
  2. Claim Your AVVO Listing
  3. Make the most of Justia
  4. Yext Local Data Aggregator
  5. Moz Local Local Citation Tool
  6. Why is Local SEO Important?
    1. Attorney Citations by Category
    2. Citations by City
    3. Local Search Data US
    4. Local Search Ranking Factors

Content Strategy

  1. Content Strategies That You Can Implement NOW!
  2. The 5 Biggest Marketing Mistakes and Easy Ways to Fix Them
  3. Content Templates
  4. Learn the Secrets to Content That Gets You Cases, Clients, and Customers
  5. Five Steps to Taking Your Content to the Next Level
  6. The Top 10 Marketing Commandments
  7. Here is an example of how to apply the commandments: Feed the Beast: Give the Internet What it Wants to Get You More Cases and Clients
  8. Google Releases Panda 4.0: Will it Maul Your Page Ranking?
  9. Do You Have a Real Content Marketing Strategy—Or Are You Wasting Your Time?
  10. Content Strategy for Professionals: Telling Your Story With Case Results
  11. Talk Walker Breaking News Alerts
  12. Content Stragety Guide

Social Media

  1. 21 Top Twitter Tips for Attorneys
  2. National Safety Council Safety Observances 2014
  3. NHTSA Designated Safety Weeks & Conferences 2014
  4. US Department of Health and Human Services National Health Observances 2014

Round Table Materials

Adding a Practice Area

Google My Business/Local

Landing Pages/Conversion

Google Analytics/Website Maintenance

Event Promotion & Social Media Involvement

Adwords/PPC/Social Advertising