DSS Release Notes for October 7, 2011

Do you know what the DSS Team did last night?  We implemented these great changes for you!

Here's a summary of more changes released for all of you DSS users that were just implemented last night. Have questions or feedback?  Just fill out our DSS Feedback Form!

Does it seem like your site is loading faster?  Here's why!

Toby Crandall, our IT Director, has been working hard to improve the speed and performance of our sites.  Here's a summary of what he's done for you recently - thanks, Toby!
  • Implemented Caching Web Accelerators in front of all Web Servers to increase performance and reliability, this has reduced the load on each Web Server by an average of 40% and reduced our average page load time from 7.5 seconds to 5.5 seconds on the main Fosterwebmarketing.com page.
  • Implemented a new High-End Database Server with 16-processing cores which has improved our database response time by 500%
  • Migrated our Database platform no a newer, faster solution, capable of taking advantage of higher performing server architectures and also able to store International characters 
  • Moved all of our equipment into a new Full-Rack, doubling the amount of space and power available to our servers and other equipment. This also created multiple redundant channels for power back-up
  • Added an additional High-End Web Server to our Load-Balanced Server Cluster, effectively increasing the capacity and redundancy of all of our sites by 33%

New error handling for the video upload page

Have you ever forgotten to complete a required field on the video upload page, only to be told by DSS that you need to fill it out before you can save. But, when you get back to the video page all of your data is gone!  Well, we fixed this - try to upload a video now without a reuqired field, and you get a warning (this one's for you, Steve Richardson!)

We've also modified the wording on the video upload page - we've got new recommendations for the types of vidoes you should upload and how they should be edited.  Remember, we have powerful new encoding software that can handle just about anything you throw at it!

No more FWM link network

The FWM Link Network that used to appear on your Resources page is no more!  We have officially done away with the links that were appearing automatically on your Resources page. The focus will now be on adding more relevant, local links to this page.  Read more about why we implemented this change in this article by Mindy Weinstein, our Director of Content and SEO.

Hey DSS Super Users - A note on caching

This one is for you DSS Super Users who like to use wesite grading and performance tools.  Be aware that these tools may tell you that your site does not use cache control or expire headers, however this is not accurate or negative in any way. We use a cluster of dedicated caching server to provide this function in a much more robust solution to cache control. The tools and reports typically used by our clients do not check for this type of caching solution. These tools are only able to detect webserver-level cache control.  Bottom line: our caching solution is much more sophisticated than what most websites use.
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