Want to Improve Traffic and Business? Take These Actions on Your Attorney Website Every Day.

So your new attorney website has launched. And you and your staff have all successfully learned how to use Dynamic Self-Syndication (DSS) to best take control of your website in the weeks, months, and years ahead. But now what? How often should you manage your website – and what should you do when you log on? Below, we’ve listed four great actions you can take every day to make certain you are getting the most out of your website and doing the most for your law office: 

  • Post a piece of content. You can never have enough unique, helpful, and well-written pieces of content on your lawyer website. If you only have a minute, consider posting the answer to a frequently asked question, a quick blog entry, or a recent testimonial. If you have more time, consider adding a library article that takes a closer look at a legal issue that is of interest to your clients. 
  • Revisit a piece of content. Some information can become out of date, while other pieces of content may benefit from more current search engine optimization. If you have a few minutes, update an old piece of content with new information, better SEO, or a fresh angle. Pay special attention to content that gets lots of traffic. 
  • Check your Google Analytics. How are your marketing strategies working? How did that new video you posted fair? Are you getting lots of new traffic from a recent ad campaign? The answer to all of these questions can be found on your Google Analytics page. If you don’t know what’s working and what’s not, you don’t know how to further improve your marketing strategy. 
  • Check your web contacts. DSS allows you to look at all of your incoming emails from website visitors – and you should ideally answer these emails as soon as possible after they come in. Following up with these contacts is absolutely key to getting the clients you want and having your attorney website work for you. 

For even more tips on how to harness the power of DSS, consider joining our monthly DSS user group, where professionals from all over the country gather to learn more about online marketing and to share the strategies that have worked for them. To get started on your own new or improved attorney website, contact the team at Foster Web Marketing by calling 888.886.0939.