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In this series, Tom interviews a variety of prominent figures in various web marketing industries, including lawyer web marketing, video marketing, former NFL players, fellow marketing experts—you name it. Register to receive notifications for each week’s live stream.

We’ll talk concept, we’ll talk mindset, and hell, we’ll even talk casual—because the world of marketing doesn’t have to be so serious. Marketing can be fun, and if you want to see how that can be accomplished, tune in! 

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  • The Legend of Bob Battle The Original DIYer Bob Battle has proved himself to be nothing short of a legend in the DUI attorney circle. He’s iconic; he’s funny; and most importantly, he’s a major success. He’s a prime example of how DIY attorneys can make it. Check out this episode now!
  • What’s Going on With SEO? Featuring The Professor Check out our fourth episode of World of Marketing, featuring the Professor himself. In this episode, Tom and Jamie discuss the history, present, and future of Google, and how it affects you.
  • Expanding Your Practice The Right Way Watch as Ben Glass and Tom sit down and discuss work-life balance, keys to a growing practice, and tactics to expand your practice area.
  • Killing It With Re-Engagement View the second episode of our World of Marketing podcast, featuring SEO expert David Waiter, as he talks about re-engagement
  • Celebrity Video With Jim Folliard Check out our first episode of World of Marketing, where Tom interviews Gearshift founder and experienced videographer, Jim Folliard.

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