World of Marketing Podcast

In this series, Tom interviews a variety of prominent figures in various web marketing industries, including lawyer web marketing, video marketing, former NFL players, fellow marketing experts—you name it. Register to receive notifications for each week’s live stream.

We’ll talk concept, we’ll talk mindset, and hell, we’ll even talk casual—because the world of marketing doesn’t have to be so serious. Marketing can be fun, and if you want to see how that can be accomplished, tune in! 

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  • Why Sharing Is Key With Ben Glass Ben Glass, owner of Ben Glass Law and Great Legal Marketing, and Tom talked about how surrounding yourself with smart, successful people can give you new ideas to improve your business.
  • Adapting Your Marketing With Mischelle Davis Mischelle Davis, wife of Attorney Chris Davis of Davis Law Group in Seattle, and Tom talked about not contributing to the doom and gloom by looking for ways to be positive with your messaging.
  • Behind the Scenes With Chris Abbott Chris Abbott, one of our senior front-end developers, understands the importance of putting the user first. Chris and Tom talked about how “your best work goes unnoticed,” when working behind the scenes.
  • Back to Basics With Ian Waldron Ian Waldron, marketing director for Davis Law Group, has been studying the right balance of these elements for almost 8 years. Ian and Tom discussed how he sees his curiosity as a blessing and a curse when it comes to marketing.
  • The Art and Science of Marketing With Mischelle Davis Mischelle Davis, the wife of Seattle Attorney Chris Davis, has been managing her husband’s marketing for 13 years. Mischelle and Tom discussed how “you have to be willing to invest in failure” if you want to take your business to the next level.
  • Kevin Mottley, the 7 Figure Man Virginia Attorney Kevin Mottley recently settled a seven-figure traumatic brain injury case. Kevin and Tom talked about his love of these challenging cases, and how he keeps his referral sources in the loop throughout the process.
  • Live Chat, More Conversions With Ngage's Alex Hambrick Ngage Vice President Alex Hambrick and Tom discussed the stigma many lawyers still have about using live chat, and why he believes more of them should be willing to use chat as a conversion tool for their firms.
  • What Happens When You Find the Right Fit With Todd Baldwin Todd Baldwin, owner of WT Clothiers, uses his lifelong love of clothing to help others look and feel better about themselves. Todd and Tom talked about how he doesn’t have to chase business anymore because of the success of his studio and his website.
  • You Only Get One Shot, Take It with Kevin Mottley Virginia Attorney Kevin Mottley and Tom talked about how he started his firm from scratch, and why he recommends other lawyers do the same if they have that urge.

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