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In this series, Tom interviews a variety of prominent figures in various web marketing industries, including lawyer web marketing, video marketing, former NFL players, fellow marketing experts—you name it. Register to receive notifications for each week’s live stream.

We’ll talk concept, we’ll talk mindset, and hell, we’ll even talk casual—because the world of marketing doesn’t have to be so serious. Marketing can be fun, and if you want to see how that can be accomplished, tune in! 

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  • Striving for Business as Usual With Van Smith Van Smith, attorney and owner of Smith Strong in Virginia, talked to Tom about how he and his team are trying to maintain normalcy and balance in their offices.
  • Clarity Equals Success With Peter Wishnie Dr. Peter Wishnie, podiatrist and owner of Family Foot & Ankle Specialists in New Jersey, and Tom talked about how a positive mindset brings clarity and how visualizing your goals helps you achieve them.
  • The Truth Is Out There With Bill Voss Bill Voss, lawyer and entrepreneur, says, “You need to do your homework and make your own decisions.” Bill and Tom talked about aliens, ancient history, Atlantis, and questioning the curiosities of life.
  • Making Tough Decisions With Jason Abraham Jason Abraham, managing partner of Hupy and Abraham, says, “Bigger isn’t always better when you’re in the middle of a pandemic. It can be quite scary.” Jason talked to Tom about how “unbelievably hard” it was to lay off 85 of his 200 employees.
  • Focusing on the Positives With Andrew Schneider Dr. Andrew Schneider, podiatrist and owner of Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, and Tom about his love for marketing and how he’s been able to spend more time on his business.
  • Diversifying Your Marketing With Charley Mann Charley Mann, CMO of Great Legal Marketing, says firms that did the most work ahead of time and had systems in place are doing better than others right now.
  • Throwing Counter Punches With Somnath Sikdar Somnath Sikdar, co-owner and instructor of Dragon Gym, and Tom discussed how he’s switched to virtual classes and training via Zoom and other digital services.
  • Shifting to a Personal Focus With Dave Frees Pennsylvania attorney Dave Frees and Tom discussed that currently, marketing is about personal connections—not business connections.
  • Going Beyond Your Comfort Zone With Adam Rossen Florida attorney Adam Rossen talked with Tom about how he’s reaching out to other businesses and lawyers to determine how they can help each other, then sharing what he learns on social media.

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