World of Marketing Podcast

In this series, Tom interviews a variety of prominent figures in various web marketing industries, including lawyer web marketing, video marketing, former NFL players, fellow marketing experts—you name it. Register to receive notifications for each week’s live stream.

We’ll talk concept, we’ll talk mindset, and hell, we’ll even talk casual—because the world of marketing doesn’t have to be so serious. Marketing can be fun, and if you want to see how that can be accomplished, tune in! 

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  • Keeping Your Team Intact During Crisis With Jim Keller Jim Keller, attorney and partner at Keller & Keller, says, “If you take care of your people, they’ll take care of your clients.” Jim and Tom discussed how he’s been able to keep all of his people employed at the firm’s three locations.
  • It's All About Your List With Brian Kurtz Brian Kurtz, author and owner of Titans Marketing, says, “ignoring your list is like ignoring your family.” Brian and Tom talked about how every conversation is not a sale, but a chance to connect with clients on a more personal level.
  • Thinking Outside the Box With Johnathan Grzybowski Johnathan Grzybowski, one of the co-founders of graphic design firm Penji, says, “don’t be afraid to do something unconventional to survive.” Johnathan and Tom discussed how real, meaningful relationships are critical.
  • How to Manage Through Crisis With Jay Henderson Jay Henderson, an executive coach and hiring expert, talked to Tom about how the number of job layoffs will lead to great hiring opportunities in the future.
  • How Helping Before Selling Works With Mike Capuzzi Mike Capuzzi, founder of CopyDoodles and Bite Sized Books, talked with Tom about how he created a recipe for short, helpful books called “shooks.”
  • Never Stop Marketing With Kellam Parks Kellam Parks, managing partner at Parks Zeigler Law Firm, and Tom talked about how his firm is offering drive-through estate planning signings.
  • Why Sharing Is Key With Ben Glass Ben Glass, owner of Ben Glass Law and Great Legal Marketing, and Tom talked about how surrounding yourself with smart, successful people can give you new ideas to improve your business.
  • Adapting Your Marketing With Mischelle Davis Mischelle Davis, wife of Attorney Chris Davis of Davis Law Group in Seattle, and Tom talked about not contributing to the doom and gloom by looking for ways to be positive with your messaging.
  • Behind the Scenes With Chris Abbott Chris Abbott, one of our senior front-end developers, understands the importance of putting the user first. Chris and Tom talked about how “your best work goes unnoticed,” when working behind the scenes.

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