How Marketing Education Can Save You During A Crisis

This week on Legal Leaders TV, Tom Foster interviews John Fisher, a renowned medical malpractice attorney who learned of Foster Web Marketing from being a student of Great Legal Marketing. John emphasizes how significant it is for him that Foster Web Marketing not only provides the tools for web marketing success, but also teaches people how to use those tools, because learning self-marketing proved essential when he found himself in a difficult situation.

The turning point of John’s career came in June 2010, when he was fired from a prominent law firm at which he had been a partner. Already a client of Foster Web Marketing, he made the critical decision to go all-in with his personal marketing endeavors by attending our various seminars and workshops, tuning into our webinars, and becoming a student of our marketing education.

After applying what he learned using the tools we provided him, he saw amazing results and his business began to flourish.

Getting educated in marketing is essential to seizing ownership of your business. It gives you control over your success and it saves you when you find yourself in an unexpected crisis!

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