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How do you find the true value of potential cases right off the bat? This was a question unanswered until Dirk Derrick came to the field. He changed the landscape by answering that and other questions that long went unanswered in the ecosystem of personal injury law. For example, just look at what Dirk’s firm claims:

“The DLF focuses on personal injury law exclusively. Everything we do for our clients is to obtain the true value of the case faster. This involves working at night with focus groups to determine the community’s thoughts on facts, issues, and laws concerning specific cases and then using those findings to obtain the real value of the case, often without the need for litigation.”

Marketing like this, and resolving an age-old debate within his clientbase, brought Dirk to the success he sees today. Check out the episode to hear how it happened. And, if you’re looking for ways you can transform your marketing, try this


0:00 Introduction

1:12 Dirk Derrick's Website

2:51 How Dirk Changes the Landscape   

10:02 What Dirk Holds True

14:54 How Dirk Makes It Work

17:55 The Southern Attitude