3 Things Every Law Firm Should Do to Improve Efficiency

There is no drawback to improving efficiency at your law firm. Doing so improves your workflow and the productivity of your staff, which in turn can Improve Your Law Firm's Efficiency With Guidelinesboost morale and make your office a happier place to work. When you have happy and productive staff, those benefits also extend to your clients, who are able to get faster updates to their cases and have more pleasant interactions with your firm.

Improving efficiency doesn’t have to cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in new hires, fancy equipment, and costly software. All it takes are a few small but significant changes to your operations and policies.

Establish a Lead Intake System

There needs to be a clear chain of operations when a potential client calls your law firm or submits a contact form on your website. Start by defining who handles incoming leads, and stick to one or two people. The fewer times a lead changes hands, the more complete and uniform the resulting case file will be.

Set Criteria and Guidelines for Case Acceptance

Every person who handles case leads for your firm should be on the same page when it comes to what you will and will not accept for a new case. Your case acceptance guidelines should be clearly outlined in an operations or procedure document for lead intake; everyone who handles incoming leads should have a copy easily accessible at all times.

Clearly Define Each Staff Member's Job Duties and Tasks

If too many people are involved in performing a certain task—such as lead intake—in your office, it opens the doors for an increased number of errors in your case files. While having "all hands on deck" is generally a good thing, provide every staff member a clearly defined set of tasks for which they are responsible.

Aside from setting each staff member's responsibilities, you can implement a chain of command for who takes over if that person is on vacation or out sick. This helps ensure that someone is always on hand to handle the important tasks in your office. Having reliable backups in place for completing important tasks such as checking for new leads and answering phone calls is a critical part of improving efficiency. This helps you make sure your office operates smoothly if an important staff member is out of commission for any length of time.

Let Alert Communications Help Improve Your Law Firm's Efficiency

A lead intake service like Alert Communications can help you implement many of these and other efficiency tips. Their receptionists are trained in specific tasks such as lead intake, appointment scheduling, and client relations and they have backups to ensure someone is always available to answer your phones. Fill out their contact form or give them a call at 800-801-7628.

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