Are Yellow Pages Ads Worth the Money?

In the past, the Yellow Pages was THE resource for consumers who were looking for services in various industries, but things have changed. Less people are tearing open that big yellow book to find business professionals and the people who are actually still using it, are inundated with pages and pages of ads that say the same thing.

If you are an attorney, flip open the Yellow Pages to the legal section and count the number of pages of lawyer advertisements.  Next, review what these ads say.  Basically, each ad is practically identical – “FREE CONSULTATION” and “WE WILL FIGHT FOR YOU.”  Some of the even less creative ads will say something like, “INJURED?” or “NEED A LAWYER?”  How is someone looking for legal representation going to differentiate between all of these ads?  It almost becomes mere chance if one of these ads generates a phone call from a potential client.

An increasing number of people are searching online not only for the information they need, but also for local services.  As a lawyer, your marketing dollars are better spent on an advertising venue that can capture more of your target audience.  You can create a website that is updated constantly with fresh content that answers your prospects’ questions, plus you can incorporate powerful web video that will make you an “authority” and “celebrity” among your potential clients.

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