Be Boring and Ugly No Longer! Follow Our Sexy Book Cover Tips

Sexy isn't always about pure sex appeal; it's about being attractive in many ways. When it comes to your book, it means showing people that your book is interesting, well written, and to the point. To exude the kind of “book sexy” that compels people to download your book, make your offer look:

  • Graceful. This means titles that get the message across without going on and on. A long title, with an even longer subtitle, will look messy and lead people to believe that the book itself will be long and difficult to read.  
  • Vivacious. Choose the color of your book with care. The cover image will be displayed on your website, and your book cover should coordinate with your overall color scheme.
  • Petite. If the image of your book makes it appears to be as long as War and Peace, people will be less likely to request it. Nobody wants a novel about car accidents; they want usable, easily digestible information.  
  • Pleasant. People don't want to be reminded of how scary their car accident was or how sad they are about their divorce. If you choose to put an image on the cover of your book, make it simple and light.   
  • Smart. It should go without saying, but any print on the cover of your book should be impeccable. There should be no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, and it should be easy to read.
  • Interesting. The title of your book should appeal to your ideal client. Divorce attorneys should write books that are gender specific, and personal injury attorneys should write books that address a specific need, such as dealing with medical bills after a car accident.     

These qualities are often used to describe well-rounded, truly sexy individuals, and they should also describe the cover of your book. If they don't, your free offer will go largely untouched and will do nothing to help brand your law firm or improve conversion rates.

Examples of Less Than Sexy Book Covers

The following book covers topped our least-sexy book list. And while they aren't attractive or interesting, they can teach you a thing or two about what not to do when designing the cover for your law firm's free offer.

Clumsy and Clunky Book Cover

Clumsy and Clunky.This book breaks several sexy rules. The impossibly long and difficult-to-read title makes it anything but graceful, and the image makes it seem like the book is long and bulky. People will think that it'll take a month to read the book and will pass it over—even if it's free.

Bland and Boring.This report cover is a total yawn-fest. The title is not specific enough, and the colors are off-putting. On top of that, the image is too generic.  

Bland and Boring Book Cover

Have a book cover that is anything but sexy?

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We have the skills and knowledge to dress your book up in a cover that explodes your conversion rates.

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