Attorney Book Writing: Including a Table of Contents

Recently, we’ve been talking about the essential components of an attorney book, from the introduction and conclusion to your bio and call to action. Today, we’ll talk about an obvious component to all books, but one that can be overlooked by a first-time writer: the table of contents.

Why is it vital to include a table of contents in your free legal guide? Here are three reasons:

  • A table of contents makes your book look professional. Readers will not be impressed when they expect to download a helpful book and receive a document that isn’t well organized or visually pleasing. Before you convince your readers to call your law firm, you have to convince them to actually read your book! Readers expect to find a table of contents at the beginning of any book, including yours.
  • A table of contents guides your reader. You must understand that most readers are not interested in reading your book cover to cover. Many will flip to the table of contents and skim the page for the topics that are interesting to them or pertinent to their legal issue. With digital books, you can hyperlink your table of contents so that readers can click on topic headings and go directly to that section of the book.
  • A table of contents can help you organize your thoughts. Perhaps most importantly, a table of contents can help you outline your book and organize your larger legal topics into manageable chapters or sections. Many of our legal book writers begin each project with a table of contents.

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