Most SEO experts agree that non-participation in the pay-per-click program Google AdWords does not affect search engine rankings—at least not directly.

Dinging businesses that do not participate in Google AdWords would be highly unethical, and most experts agree that Google would not do it. However, there are several ways that participating in Google AdWords can help your visibility and, in turn, popularity and ranking.

Benefits of Google AdWords

While there is no direct correlation between Google AdWords and site ranking, there are several ways that a successful Google AdWords campaign can help improve the ranking of a website.  

It has been shown that searchers are more likely to visit a site when a Google AdWords ad is displayed on the same page as the search results. So, if a potential client performs a search on Google, your site is listed on page one, and your Google AdWords ad pops up, there is a good chance that they will visit your site.

Also, if your ad is effective and sends people to your site, Google sees this. No matter how people get to your site, if they get there and stay there long enough, Google notices and you move up the rankings.

Does this all sound like an inexact science? It is. The "rules" of site ranking are always changing, but one thing is certain—good quality content, an attractive site, and effective ads can only increase the power of your website. Call 888.886.0939 today to speak with our staff about the pros and cons of using Google AdWords for law firms.

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