Google AdWords Changes Highlight the Importance of Mobile

Mobile devices have changed the way we look for and access information about businesses on the Web, and the recent changes over at Google AdWords seem to reflect that change. As mobile pay-per-click campaigns become easier to customize and track, you’re really missing out if you’re not taking advantage of Google AdWords’ many mobile options—especially if your ideal target audience is local. 

Times—and Pay-Per-Click Marketing Campaigns—Are Changing Fast

While targeting a mobile audience was probably of minor importance to your overall pay-per-click marketing strategy a few years ago, times have definitely changed.  It is more and more common for internet users to spend at least a part of their time online each day on a mobile device or tablet, and more and more people are basing their decisions on research conducted from the mobile web. If your pay-per-click campaign neglects your mobile audience, it’s time to evolve with the times.  

Change Is Power! Embrace the Newer, More Mobile Web!

With the increased mobile marketing power of Google AdWords, you now have all kinds of options to target your ideal clients and track the results of your campaigns—without having to create separate AdWords campaigns. If you haven’t had a chance to take a look at the changes to AdWords or tweak your mobile pay-per-click marketing campaign accordingly, make it a priority this weekend!  

To learn more about effective attorney mobile marketing with Google AdWords, contact our friendly attorney marketing team at 1-888-886-0939 today, or get started by filling out the easy online contact form on this page with your questions! 

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