Guess What! Google AdWords Will Soon be Testing Video in (SRP) Search Results Pages

When Google’s new Universal Search began listing videos into their search results, they proved that video clips in the search listings were suitable to their users. There were no negative reactions and certainly no adverse effects on the $16 billion Google makes annually from online ads. That cleared the way for Google to take the next step.

Beta testing has begun on a new opportunity for PPC campaigners that will allow the adding of video advertisements into Google's main search results. These will be different from the organic listing results in that the video ads will appear with the other PPC ads on the top and right side and will be marked with a + sign which can be clicked to drop down a video screen.

Google has knows that this could be a difficult balancing act. On one hand, they want to provide more relevant content to their users and increase their already insane advertising revenues. But on the other hand, they don't want the Google search results full of extraneous flashing video ads, which will ruin the site's standing for a clean search interface.

The plus sign to denote video content allows Google to keep their aesthetically-pleasing look—but will also allow users to view the videos if they want to. Google has indicated they may go a lot further by inserting thumbnail images into the video ads and even begin testing other formats.

It's early yet and we haven't yet captured any screenshots. Don’t worry, we will be watching this opportunity as it opens up to the public and we'll let you know how to do this with your videos as soon as it's available.
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