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Hand With a Pencil Writing in a New Year's Resolutions NotebookWhile everyone is focusing on making their personal New Year's resolutions, have you given any thought to your office's resolutions? A great one to start with is resolving to be better organized and more efficient in 2017.

Clean out old files and other junk. You don't have to wait for the springtime to clean out the office. Even if you have a regular cleaning crew to handle the everyday cleaning, you probably have a storage room or junk drawers that need some investigation. Get everyone on board and assign specific clutter areas to each employee or team of employees—you may find stashes of office supplies you didn't know you had in stock!

Take some time to organize your team. Gather your staff and have a group meeting to reflect on 2016, what you can improve upon in the next year, and set some goals for the New Year. Give your team time to prepare a little feedback and their two cents. If you have a large team, you might set up another way to get feedback and set goals, such as asking each employee to fill out a short form with their ideas.

Give performance reviews. This is also a good time to evaluate your current staff and determine if they all meet your needs. You may need to call some members in for one-on-one talks about their roles in your company. During these reviews, you may find that you need to reorganize some staff duties and roles to improve efficiency.

Identify areas of excess. Pinpoint areas of waste and hindrance by looking at your 2016 budget. Identify your biggest expenses and see if there are any areas you could trim. For example, if your expenses increased tremendously in payroll due to hiring new receptionists, consider outsourcing your calls to an intake call center. Or if your office supply use was through the roof, consider moving to a paperless office and save on printing costs.

Implement systems. Do you need a new system for client intake? Do you need to improve how you handle client accounts? Does your team struggle to communicate internally? Take the time to address the core issues and implement a new system that streamlines the process, makes it simpler, and ensures completion of all important tasks.

Improve employee morale. Even if your employees are generally happy, look for ways to make your office one where they enjoy spending 8–10 hours a day. There are a lot of ways to do this. It could be something as simple as letting more light into the office by rearranging some furniture, or something a bit more profound like organizing an employee appreciation week. Happy employees could mean a more productive office.

There are dozens of ways your office can improve efficiency and get better organized in 2017. An intake call center like Alert Communications can help you achieve those goals. To learn more about what Alert Communications can do for you, fill out their contact form or give them a call at 800-801-7628.

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