Are You Taking Advantage of the New AdWords Changes to Improve Your Attorney Mobile Marketing?

If you’ve heard the buzz about the changes recently rolled out by Google AdWords, you may be wondering how it will affect the pay-per-click marketing campaign for your law firm. The changes definitely reflect the trend toward mobile, but the good news is that the changes really just make it easier overall for you to target your ideal clients—no matter how they access the Web!

What Changed with Google AdWords?

The major changes that come with the enhanced campaigns mainly focus on more effective strategies for reaching mobile and multi-device users with Google AdWords, including:

  • Attorney mobile marketing with Google AdWords just got easier. Instead of creating separate AdWords campaigns for every device or location, new settings allow you to control more campaign options in one place.    
  • It’s easier to track and target an audience that uses multiple devices. Google AdWords has added several options that aim to give you better tracking information over multiple devices, like counting phone calls over 1 minute as conversions, providing free Google forwarding numbers, and adding more customizable sitelink options. 
  • You have more new and more flexible bidding options. The new bidding options with AdWords give you a lot of control over how you concentrate your marketing dollars, letting you adjust for location, device, and time of day. 
  • More control over what potential clients see and when they see it. AdWords-enhanced campaigns now allow you to schedule specific days or times of day to show certain sitelinks or phone numbers, taking out a lot of the work involved in tweaking a campaign this way. As an example, you can set your ads to show your office phone number during business hours and a link to your website after hours. 

How Will the Changes Affect My Law Firm’s AdWords Campaign?

If you’re starting from scratch, the changes will mean that it’s easier than ever to tweak your mobile display options and track your conversions. If you already have a few AdWords campaigns set up, the good news is that the changes really end up working in your favor if you take the time to think about, organize, and streamline your pay-per-click campaigns.  

Want to learn more? If you need help tweaking your AdWords settings or have questions about attorney mobile marketing with Google AdWords, contact the friendly pay-per-click marketing team with Foster Web Marketing at 1-888-886-0939 today!

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