Your Free Attorney Book Offer Should Contain an Author Bio

You’ve just written the last page of your new free offer legal guide for your attorney website. All finished, right? Before you put down your pen (or close your laptop), be sure you add an author bio to the front or back of your book.

Why is it important to include an author bio in your free book offer?

  • It humanizes your guide. Until your bio, your book didn’t really have a name and a face to associate with it. By adding a bio, the reader feels like he or she is getting to know you. The book is no longer simply a pamphlet of disembodied information, it’s now information that comes from a real person.
  • It establishes you as an authority in your field. You want to associate your face with the information and advice in your legal guide. Without a bio, it is much more difficult for the reader to connect your name with the knowledge contained in your book.
  • It adds authority to your guide. Just as you can gain authority from your book, your book can gain authority from you. If your bio details your successful legal career, education, and experience, the reader will be more comfortable trusting what you have to say.
  • It gets you more contacts and calls. Putting your picture and your bio in your legal guide is a lot like introducing yourself. Your readers will feel a little more like they know you and are familiar with you. That makes it much easier for them to write you an email, pick up the phone, or drop by your office.

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