How do I write a great conclusion for my attorney book or legal guide?

The conclusion to your legal guide or attorney ebook is especially important because it is the last thing that a person will read before deciding whether or not to call your office and consider your legal services. How do you get your reader to contact you after finishing your book?

The single most important aspect of writing a great conclusion is including a call to action – an invitation for the reader to continue their relationship with you by calling, emailing, or stopping by your office.

At the end of your book, begin by summarizing your points and reviewing the big picture – they have a legal problem, and you are knowledgeable an experienced enough to help them fix the problem. The conclusion is also a good time to let your readers know that every situation is different and that the best course of action is to discuss their legal needs in detail and in person with an attorney. Then offer your contact information in a variety of ways:

  • Phone number (toll free, local, or both)
  • Email address
  • Website address
  • Physical address (and directions)
  • Facebook page
  • Twitter handle

Remember that different readers will have different preferences about how to get into contact with you.

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