Is it okay to include images in my book?

It's more than okay; it's encouraged!

Images are a powerful tool. We often talk about the power of images on your website and the types of images you should be posting on social networks. However, images are also an integral part of the free book or guide you offer on your law firm’s website. In your book, images are an excellent way to make a point or highlight important information. Examples of images to use in your free offer include:

  • Graphs
  • Charts
  • Photographs
  • "Clip art"

Choose Images Carefully

The right image at the right time can make your book more effective. However, the wrong image can distract the reader and make your book or offer appear cheap and cheesy. Too many images are worse than too few, as they can be confusing and can clutter a page.

Therefore, you have to choose carefully when selecting images for your book. A good idea is to write the text first, and then decide where you want images to appear. If, while writing, you think an image would drive home an important point, note it and look back on these notes when you are finished.

If it still feels right to place a graph or image near the text, go for it! As with any writing project, be sure that someone—preferably a person experienced in editing—looks over your book. They can help ensure that the images you choose fit just right and help clarify the thrust of your message.

For help with book writing for attorneys, call 888.886.0939. We can help edit your final draft and choose the best images for your book, or we can start from scratch and ghostwrite a book for you; the choice is yours.

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