What is Google AdWords Express?

Launched somewhat recently, Google AdWords Express is a simplified version of Google AdWords that caters to small, local businesses who may not have the time, personnel, or need to invest in a full-blown pay-per-click advertising campaign. While AdWords Express is a great idea for some, it does have a few related drawbacks that all users should be aware of.

The process of using AdWords Express is designed to be fast and simple:

  • Create an account and link it to your website or Google+ page.
  • Enter your monthly budget.
  • Select a business category.
  • Allow Google to select keywords and place ads for you, according to your budget.

In traditional AdWords, you would be asked to bid on specific keywords, give more information about your budget, or check in to see how your campaign is doing on a daily basis. Obviously, having Google do much of this work for you automatically has both its pros and its cons – users have less control and less responsibility at the same time.

Do you have questions about Google AdWords – or whether Google AdWords Express might be a palatable option for your law firm marketing plan? We can help you understand your best choice and how pay-per-click advertising might best fit into your online attorney marketing strategy. Call Foster Web Marketing today at 888-886-0939.

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