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Sending an email newsletter isn’t a new idea, but it is something that has remained powerful over the years—and maybe even gained power in that time. It’s a great way to automatically keep in touch with your most important contacts. When done really well, it’s also a harmonizing and supportive force that brings all your marketing efforts together in a neat package.

Are you thinking about getting a newsletter started for your law firm (or interested in our done-for-you newsletter packages)? Need convincing first?

There are lots of ways that newsletters support your overall marketing and outreach efforts. Below, you’ll find the 6 big reasons that really stand out to us.

1. Newsletters show off your brand, personality, and services.

Most of the email campaigns, ads, and landing pages you create for your law firm are highly focused on a specific service you offer or a segment of your “perfect clients.” Newsletters, on the other hand, can cover a little bit of everything. You get a chance to highlight case results, talk about what’s going on in all your practice areas, and even share personal messages with your audience.

Your newsletter is an opportunity to naturally stimulate more word-of-mouth referrals and cement yourself as someone with authority in your field. You’re also reminding past clients and referral sources of your full range of services.

The best newsletters function as a natural extension of your brand and personality and remind people what you do and why they enjoy working with you.

2. Newsletters let people know what’s new.

Do you have a new book? Did you add a new attorney to your firm? Have you added a practice area, or are you serving a new community? Let everyone know in your newsletter!

While your newsletter is not the only place you should promote something new, it is a valuable place to do so. The readers of your newsletter are often your biggest fans and the people most familiar with your business and staff. It’s a natural place to promote new services and campaigns, and you’re serving the message to an audience that is already primed to be more likely to convert.

3. Newsletters drive traffic back to your website.

You’re probably already producing compelling blogs, articles, and FAQs for your website. You’ve probably worked hard to create landing pages that really pop for your offers and services. If both of those things are true, then your newsletter is a great place to highlight your best pieces and drive new audiences back to your website to check them out.

There are lots of ways to do this effectively. For example, you can include in-text links in your newsletter articles, or write up an irresistible introduction that drives readers back to your website for the rest of the story. You can also add “calls to action” that let readers know where to go next or how to get more information.  

4. Newsletters maintain important relationships.

Your contact list probably includes past clients, potential clients, referral sources, and other people that are important to your law firm. Newsletters help you stay in touch with all of them, while also letting them know what’s going on at your firm. That consistent point of contact with you keeps them in the loop, lets them know you care, and shows that you’re still out there doing what you do best.

Don’t underestimate how powerful this is, even if your newsletter isn’t really a “hard sell.” For example, one of our clients restarted a newsletter with the goal of just touching base with his contacts. Instead, he was surprised to start getting contacts about cases and referrals almost immediately!

5. Newsletters open the opportunity for feedback.

A lot of the attorneys we work with have been surprised by the amount of feedback they get from their newsletters. Engaged readers getting a consistent newsletter from your brand automatically feel like they know you better, so they feel more comfortable reaching out with their compliments, suggestions, and questions.

You can even use your newsletter as a direct opportunity to get feedback by including a quiz, a contact button—or just asking! While you can guess all you want about what your perfect clients want, there’s nothing better than getting it right from the source.

6. Newsletters offer high returns for low effort.

Newsletters are surprisingly easy to put together and send out, especially with the templates available in the Advanced Email Editor in DSS. Depending on the size of your contact list, you may be reaching hundreds or thousands of people each time. This means that you can get big returns compared to the amount of effort it takes to get going. All the benefits we talked about above become a nearly automatic part of your strategy!

Just keep in mind that your newsletter isn’t just an advertisement—it needs to be interesting, entertaining, and valuable to your readers to be truly successful.  

Remember, too, that consistency is more important than frequency when it comes to newsletters. If you want to do newsletters right, you and your team should be prepared to keep it going on a regular schedule. By planning out a strategy, email template, and basic format before you send out your first newsletter, you’ll have everything you need to keep up the good work.  

Start Your Email Newsletter Now, and Start Reaping the Rewards

Getting an email newsletter going is easy, but it does take a little maintenance. Track it like you would any email campaign, and use that information to keep making it even better as you go. A newsletter that engages readers, drives them to your best content, and converts them into clients and steady referral sources is a newsletter that is doing its best for your law firm.

Ready to get going? Find out how to build an email campaign in DSS yourself, or check out our completely done-for-you newsletter packages.

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