Molly McCormick

Molly McCormick

Molly McCormick

Marketing Manager
  • Foster Web Marketing
  • 10555 Main Street #470A Fairfax, Virginia 22030
  • 703-665-0307

Molly McCormick has been with Foster Web Marketing since 2013. Molly is passionate, adaptable, and creative—just the right combination for a social media and marketing guru.

Professional Experience

Molly studied Public Relations at Radford University and she spent time working with the web marketing department. This is where she learned the impact online content can have on potential clients (or students, in this case), and grew to understand the necessity for great web marketing. Prior to this, Molly was a preschool teacher. Handling the constant changes and needs of others has given Molly the ability to meet the needs of the demanding and fast-paced world of marketing. Where some may find it challenging, she finds it exciting and motivating. She is also our infographic designer, providing information for Foster Web Marketing and its clients in a creative visual display. Her can-do attitude, marketing skills, and happy demeanor make Molly a great asset to Foster Web Marketing.

Learn More About Molly

Molly’s love of all things challenging does not stop with work; in her free time Molly loves doing anything that challenges her creatively and physically. A self-proclaimed “Martha Stewart,” Molly will take on tasks that may seem beyond her capabilities. She is known for baking show-stopping, beautiful, and creative cakes, as well as making, painting, or building any and every gift. Molly loves hiking, kayaking, and being outdoors. She is a firm believer that if someone else can do it, she can too.

What You Might Find Interesting About Molly

Molly's family lives all over the world—London, Boston, Richmond, and here in Northern Virginia. She hates being away from them, but gets to spend time with her entire family in Cape Cod, MA, every summer. Not a bad deal.

Expertise Best Web Design Award 2017 CoVaBiz Best of Business Winner Wisconsin Law Journal Best Web Designers Webby Award Honoree 2016
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