User Beware: Six Common Lawyer Website Design Blunders

Lawyer website design is always changing – trends go in and out, visitor needs change, and technology evolves. However, although there are certainly no simple and easy answers when it comes to great attorney web design, there are a few hard and fast rules about what NOT to do.

Let’s take a look at six common lawyer website design blunders:

  • Huge blocks of text. Does anything make your eyes blur or your mind wander like a large, dull block of text? Especially when you are clicking through a legal website? Break up text blocks with subheadings, bullets, lists, and short, easy-to-understand sentences.
  • Slow loading. One problem with having a lot of bells and whistles on your website is that bells and whistles take time to load. Video, graphics, and other features are awesome, but only if they don’t leave visitors waiting.
  • Absent share buttons. Your visitor just read an interesting article and wants to post it on their Facebook page, share it on Twitter, or tell their circles on Google+. It’s too bad you didn’t add share buttons to your website to make social networking easier on your readers.
  • Clutter. The main goal of your website should be to educate and inform your readers. This can be an impossible aspiration if your attorney website is cluttered and hard to navigate. White space and minimal design is your friend. It makes your page look clean and helps users get the information they need.
  • The horizontal scroll. Some designers work on huge, expensive monitors, never thinking about how most people who visit their sites are using small, more economical desktops and laptops. Your website shouldn’t just look great in the best circumstances, it should look great in all circumstances. Making sure that your readers don’t have to scroll sideways to read should be a primary concern.
  • Hard-to-read fonts. It’s great to stand out from the crowd, but it’s not good to stand out from the crowd because your attorney website is illegible. There’s a reason you only see a few different fonts on the internet – some work better than others, and some are sure to show up no matter what browser you are using.

While great content is the most important aspect of your website, great content makes it shine. Need help with your law office website design? Call Foster Web Marketing today.

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