Attorney Web Design Should Be Modeled After Super Bowl Ads

Super Bowl XLV has come and gone, leaving some fans celebrating a victory and others mourning a loss.  Besides the close of the NFL season, this major event is also one of the highest viewed television spots of the year. It’s no wonder that advertisers are willing to drop millions of dollars for their 30-second opportunity to catch viewers’ attention and drive-up sales.

No matter which side you were on this last Sunday – Steelers or Packers – it was hard to miss the creative and out-of-the-ordinary commercials that aired. From the Darth Vader commercial for the Volkswagen Passat that prompted all kinds of praise, to the Groupon ad featuring Tibet that angered many consumers – people had a lot to say about Super Bowl ads.

You may have asked yourself after reading the title of this article: “what does attorney Web design have to do with Super Bowl ads?” Super Bowl advertising has a lot of insight to offer when creating an effective attorney website design. You can learn a ton from these advertisers that were willing to drop millions for mere seconds on television. Here are some of these lessons:
  1. Engage your target audience. As a lawyer, your target audience might be people who have been injured in car accidents or individuals looking to create estate plans. You need to design your website in such a way that you engage your prospects. That means your headlines, content and free offers should be appealing to your ideal market. Think about what is important to them and focus your entire website on these areas.
  2. Get people talking. Create interesting video clips, free books and educational articles. All of these items should be prominently displayed on your website. Your website should become the source of information and you should be the expert. You want people to talk about you when they know of someone who needs a lawyer.
  3. Create an interesting message. This third lesson ties into the ones above. Everything you develop for your website and Internet marketing campaign should be wrapped around the interests of your potential clients. The last thing you want to do is create a website that is all about you. Your message should be interesting and compelling to your target market.
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