How to make the most of your law firm testimonials

Testimonials are the glowingly positive statements people share with you about your law firm. And while testimonials are similar to reviews, they do differ because they don’t come through an independent website, like Yelp. Instead, testimonials are typically collected by you to be used on your website and in your marketing materials. 

(Confused? Find out more about the difference between testimonials and reviews.)Make the most of your law firm's testimonials

Testimonials are a huge deal for law firm websites because they carry so much power to impress, assure, and convert potential clients and referral sources. They give people that are new to your brand a taste of the positive experiences others have had, and they can even create a subtle sense of “missing out” on something that so many other people are willing to say is great. 

When you use testimonials well, you motivate more people to click, call, or dig deeper into what you have to offer. And you show them, in a concrete way, what you do for your clients and why you’re a good choice. 

However, while hearing and reading testimonials about your law firm is great, you have to actually USE your testimonials in your law firm’s website design to make sure they can do all the above and more for you. 

So, if you’re new to testimonials, or if you just want to use your testimonials better, here are some quick and easy ways to do just that.  

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1. Get Your Testimonials Ready for Your Law Firm Website

Raw text and unedited videos aren’t always a great look, even if the testimonials hidden under the mess are superb. So, before you start flexing your testimonials on your law firm’s website, you have to get them ready to shine for you. 

First, make sure you ask for permission to use the testimonial, especially if you make any small edits to the grammar or phrasing. Format your testimonials, so they look great on the page, and add a name, location, and photo if possible. Do what you can, within sensible and professional limits, to show that these testimonials are from real people and businesses that are offering sincere praise. 

If your website and software include the functionality, make your testimonials modular! In DSS, for example, you can build your testimonials into panels and sidebar widgets that can be used over and over again. Even better, you can tag your testimonials by practice area, making it super easy to find and use a relevant testimonial when you need one. 

2. Create a Testimonials Page

Once you have collected your testimonials, feature them on a dedicated “Testimonials” page on your website. Link to it from your homepage, and make it easy to navigate to from all the most popular and important pages on your website. Remember that reviews and testimonials are often the first things people look for when considering your law firm or visiting your website for the first time. 

So, make sure they’re there and look great! 

It is critical that those testimonials are clearly available, easy to get to, and collected in a way that makes sense and is easy to read.  

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3. Place Testimonials Strategically

Even if you have a dedicated testimonials page that you link to from your homepage, you should still use a few testimonials directly on your homepage. That way, those testimonials are working for you right from the get-go. 

And, since lots of people DON’T come in through your homepage, make sure you place testimonials on all your most popular landing pages and posts. It doesn’t have to be hard! If your website is built on DSS, for example, you can easily set testimonials to automatically show on the sidebar or at the bottom of just about any page. Ultimately, you want your testimonials peppered throughout your website, so they’re always beaming that sense of trust and authority!

However, there is a little more strategy that you can apply to how you place your testimonials on your law firm website. For example, the right testimonial appearing near a contact form or offer can be a powerful motivator for potential clients. So, choose your best testimonials and use them at all the points where trust really matters. Any time you ask your reader or viewer to call you, request an offer, send an email, fill out a contact form, or act on some other call to action, there should be a testimonial nearby that shows you are worthy of that trust. 

4. Incorporate Testimonials Naturally in Your Law Firm Website Content 

Along with the above strategic placement, don’t forget to use testimonials in the text of your website. Naturally weaving a few testimonials into your landing page content, blogs, FAQs, and articles can add weight to what you have to say and convince readers that you’re the person to talk to about it. Testimonials can help illustrate a point, show that you get results, and lend more credence to your expertise. 

Make sure that the testimonials you choose are relevant to the page and fit with the content. If a testimonial seems disjointed, irrelevant, or too sales-y, you could diminish trust instead of increasing it! 

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