Avoid Lawyer Website Design Blunders: No Horizontal Scrolling

When you design an attorney website, you should always be thinking about the visitor experience: how easy is it to find information? Is the font easy to read? How easy is it to navigate from one section to another? How easy is it to find contact information? In almost all cases, horizontal scrolling makes the user experience worse.

Red flag for bad lawyer web design: horizontal scrolling
Although many web pages scroll up and down, few scroll from left to right. Why? Scrolling from left to right makes it extremely difficult to read text because you have to scroll left and then right again to complete each line. Although a few daring web designers have made left-to-right scrolling websites for special companies or special occasions, traditional top-to-bottom scrolling is more natural, easier to use, and more accepted by visitors. Having to scroll up and down as well as left to right is especially hard on readers and rarely done on purpose by web designers.

What does a horizontal scroll tell you about a web page?
When it comes to lawyer website design, horizontal scroll is usually a sign that the law firm did not take the time and resources needed to create a professional website. Whoever designed the site did not take user screen resolutions into consideration and probably assumed that whoever visited the site had the same web browser, monitor, screen resolution, and computer that he or she did. It’s a big mistake to make.

Say no to the horizontal scroll!
Do you have an attorney website that requires horizontal scrolling on some computers? Or do you want to avoid issues like horizontal scrolling when you build your new website? Speak to our attorney website design team today and let us help. Call Foster Web Marketing at 888.886.0939.
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