Improve Your Website's Usability
or Watch Your Success Erode Away

We consider ourselves website restoration experts. When we perform a free site audit for an attorney, we inspect every design aspect of a website, determine if the site is risking the safety of its usability, and provide recommendations to rescue it from demolition. After performing many site audits, we want to let you know what the most common usability errors are—and what you can do to avoid them and save your site.

Failing Walls, Broken Windows, and Crumbling Foundations

Crumbling Farm HouseThe first sign of a website in disrepair is confusing web design. These sites disappoint and confuse potential clients, causing them to immediately doubt your skills as an attorney. Signs of poor usability in an attorney website's design include:

  • Small, non-descriptive clickable links
  • An overcrowded navigation bar
  • Any easy-to-miss navigation bar
  • No noticeable logo
  • No indication of dropdown menus
  • Big blocks of un-scannable text
  • No search bar
  • No immediate answers to user’s questions.

Any one of these mistakes can cause users to quickly click back and search for a different attorney who has a modern site that is easy to use and answers their questions. 

A Beautiful Facade With a Crumbling Interior

Sometimes during an audit, we find that though a site looks great—including an easy-to-use home page and a clean design—but there are problems not far under the surface. The most common navigational issues we see are:

  • Broken links. A link is broken when people click a link on your landing page—or any page—and get an error. This means that the link no longer works. This is a major error and chips away at the user’s confidence in your site.
  • Empty tabs. If you promise your team's bios on your navigational bar, their bios better pop up when the tab is clicked. If any of the prominent tabs are empty, it looks as if you don't care enough to make your site usable or—worse—as if you are hiding something. 

It's crucial to improve your attorney website's usability by fixing up the interior portions of your site. Repair broken links, and fill empty tabs. Soon, you will find that users are more comfortable with your site and your abilities as an attorney.

A Complete Collapse

If you don't believe the usability of your attorney website is directly related to the way potential clients feel about your legal abilities, you are deluding yourself. People do care about how your site looks, feels, and works. When your site looks bad, feels outdated, and doesn't work properly, your chances of getting new cases drops dramatically.

If you don't take the steps needed to repair your site, you could find yourself sitting in the midst of crumbled brick and shards of glass, wondering where you went wrong and what you could have done to save the success of your law firm.   

Complete Restoration Is Possible

There have been times when we've come across a website that is failing inside and out. Some may suggest tearing it down and starting again, but a site often has good “bones.” What it needs is a not demolition, but total restoration. This isn't always easy, but can be worth it. If the site has been up and running for quite some time, it would be a shame to start from scratch.

To see if your website needs the help of our attorney website restoration team, schedule your free website analysis. We will inspect your website, inside and out, and let you know just what you need to do it improve usability and boost site performance.  

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