How to Build Terrible Websites for Law Firms that Chase Away Clients and Contacts

Even though having a professional online presence is more important than ever, there are still a ton of attorney websites out there that are less than stellar—and quite a few that are just laughably bad. What makes an attorney website so bad that it makes your web visitors flee in terror? Here are a few elements of the worst of the worst when it comes to attorney website design:

  • Text that is too small or hard to read
  • Lack of content or content that isn’t targeted toward potential clients
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Walls of text with no breaks
  • Long loading times and sluggish performance
  • Clashing colors, busy backgrounds, and a bunch of animated widgets
  • Menus that don’t make sense or are hard to navigate
  • Browser compatibility issues
  • Broken links, useless links, or links that don’t go anywhere
  • Missing or hard-to-find contact information

Think about your own web browsing experiences with these kinds of sites and how fast you move on. Even if the site is chock-full of great information, poor attorney website design will chase your potential clients away before they get a chance to see it. Don’t let that happen to you.

Improving your online attorney marketing and building an effective website for your law firm may seem complicated, but the experts with Foster Web Marketing can explain how it works and handle all of the details for you. Give us a call today at 888-886-0939 to talk to someone who can help you make your attorney website really work for you and your law firm.

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