How to Get Quality Backlinks: Not All Backlinks Are Created Equal

Backlinks have long been an important part of a successful SEO strategy. They are so important that many website owners and shady SEO companies began buying into link-sharing and link-buying services. But, as with so many other cheating schemes, Google caught on and has been steadily de-indexing these services and blog networks.

How to Get Backlinks the Right Way

There is most definitely a wrong way and a right way to get backlinks. The wrong way is easy to figure out: never, ever pay someone to put your link on his page, and don't trade links, either.

The right way is a little more complex, and—like all natural, white-hat SEO strategies—it takes time and effort to get quality backlinks. To get backlinks the right way:

  • Enlist the help of directories. Put your name and information on high-quality, human-edited directories such as Best of the Web, Ezilon, and Having your link on these reputable sites will give you a few powerful backlinks. Tip: is a free site, but you may have to pay to have enhanced listings on some other quality directories like and Best of the Web. Before you pay to be listed on any site, ensure that it is a trustworthy site, that it's free from spam, and that it contains high-quality, human-edited content.
  • Produce effective link bait. If you write and publish interesting, well-written, and timely content, you increase the chance of getting natural backlinks. This is because good content gets shared and linked to. Tip: To create tasty link bait, think hard about what clients and those in your field want to read about. Be sure your content is free from mistakes, easy to understand, and furthers your image as an expert in your field.
  • Be a guest blogger. Guest blogging is a fantastic way to get quality backlinks. Just be sure that you never pay for a guest blogging opportunity. This is a big no-no. Matt Cutts, the head of the spam team at Google, has also said that guest blogging is okay again after saying it was dead a few months prior. Tip: To become a guest blogger, be sure that you are involved with the targeted blog. Share interesting posts, and comment when appropriate. You should basically "get to know" the blogger.

Hopefully, you will be able to use our tips to get started in building a better, more effective, and totally natural backlink strategy.

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