As an attorney, you are more than capable of writing an interesting and helpful guest blog post about your area of law. But should you?

Usually, our attorney SEO experts would say, "Yes! Go for it!" However, the most recent Google update, Penguin 2.0, has Foster Web Marketing and the entire SEO community asking, “Is it okay to write or accept guest blogs?”

Signs of Danger

We are still saying, "Yes!" But we've added a caveat: "Be careful." We want you to enter into guest blogging opportunities with caution. If you find an opportunity to be a guest blogger, be sure to watch for one, big red flag: a request for payment.

If the person asking you to guest blog wants you to pay them for the opportunity to be a guest blogger, politely decline. If you accept the offer, then your site and your good name could be taken down along with the link-selling site you posted on. As soon as you enter into a paid situation, be it direct link buying or the more subtle guest blogger buying, you are in danger of losing all you have worked for.     

Google is looking for blog posts that are well written and fit with the theme of the site or blog. When done right and ethically, Google rewards the use of guest bloggers. But, when Google's spiders become suspicious due to shady links, you could be penalized severely.    

Treading on Thin Ice

If you find yourself doing something on a website or blog that involves paying for links or paying for guest blogging opportunities, you are treading on thin ice. If you've paid for links in the past and haven't been penalized, consider yourself lucky. Because you haven't been caught, it can be tempting to continue to pay for links or edge further out onto the frozen surface of black hat SEO.

But you should know that you are putting the authority of your site at risk each time you participate in link buying or link exchanges. Soon enough, you are going to be past the point of no return, stuck in the middle of a thawing lake with your bought links in hand and no way to return to shore.

When the Ice Breaks

When you get caught—and you will get caught—your page rank will sink into the cold murky depths of the Google search results. All of your efforts, every word of the content you've written, and all of the coding and keyword research you've done, are now sitting at the bottom of a frigid lake. It will take months, if not years, to haul it back up to the surface. Until then, your site will languish in the muck and your law firm will lose out on dozens, if not hundreds, of clients.

Am I trying to scare you? Yes. I am. Link buying is a dangerous game that you should never, ever play. And the same goes for paying for guest bloggers or guest blogging opportunities. SEO for attorneys should be based on white hat, ethical SEO practices. You simply can't afford to test your luck by stepping out onto the ice. If it feels wrong, it is. Period.

If you are unsure if you should accept a guest blogging offer, please feel free to call us at 888.886.0939. We can help you ensure that the offer is legitimate and that the site wants nothing more than your opinion.

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