'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Quality Marketing Services For Lawyers And podiatrists Attorney Jim was well worried, and so was his spouse.

No leads for his law firm; the phone would not ring.
He laid in his bed, his hands they would wring.

"I've worked long and so hard to make us some money,
Dear, what can I do? Please help me here, Honey."

His beloved wife, Mary, arose from their bed.
Something nagged inside; it was something she read.

With a cup of hot cocoa, she opened her laptop,
Scrolled past all her emails, even the one for the dress shop.

Finally, she found it, a note from Tom Foster.
A marketing agency with a full all-star roster.

She went to his website, seeking some type of direction.
Immediately she found the detailed resources section.

With how-to guides, videos, and helpful information,
She discovered right quick how to help Jim's business of litigation.

Requesting a download, "Five Mistakes Lawyers Make,"
It finally seemed she could cure husband Jim's ache.

Suddenly at the front door, a very loud knock.
She opened it to see Chad Foster in full Christmas smock.

"You asked for our help, so now I am here!" 
"I need just thirty minutes. Can I have your and Jim's ear?"

Mary called for her husband; he was a bit confused.
"I've used agencies before and was left feeling used."

Chad explained to them both we were different than others.
"Would it make you feel better to confirm with my brother?"

In the blink of an eye, Tom Foster appeared.
To Mary and Jim's shock, Chad did not find this weird.

Tom explained to the couple our Marketing Growth Plan.
It totally made sense as Jim quickly released Tom was a smart man.
"We preach DSS, content, and working your list!
We can get the phone to ring. You get the gist!"

Tom pulled out a snow globe from out of a case, 
inside it showed Future Jim at his workplace.

Intake was hopping, his calendar stacked!
All of these clients, Foster Web Marketing helped to attract.

The heavily stressed couple breathed a sigh of relief.
"We were under the impression marketeers led only to grief."

"I now understand just what we must do.
We need help and guidance provided by you!"

Chad offered a discount for paying up front,
saying, "You can claim on your taxes; this isn't a stunt."

Jim and Mary agreed and wished the Fosters both well.
Quality Marketing Services For Lawyers And podiatrists Tom said, "Enjoy your holidays. Later we will set you up with our personnel."

He nodded to his brother, guided Chad to the door.
Knowing that soon Jim's intake would certainly soar.

The couple felt great, turned on their floodlight.
Tom smiled and announced, "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"

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