1. A Fractional CMO Leads Your Marketing to Attract Your Best Patients or Clients

When you work with one of our fractional CMOs, they start out with a holistic assessment of your website and marketing strategy. They identify gaps, strengths, and opportunities, and they take a look at where you stand among your competitors. They work with you to understand your business, history, and goals. And they help you get more clarity about your brand message, what makes you unique, and who your perfect patients or clients really are. 

Just being able to see all this information laid out and organized has helped tons of practices improve their marketing strategies. However, this isn’t simply a reporting role. 

A fractional CMO is also a team leader that uses everything they know about your business to design a powerful, omnichannel marketing strategy that aligns with your objectives and improves your marketing ROI.

For example, in our Fractional CMO program, we use everything we know about your business to design comprehensive marketing strategies that include strategic planning, execution timelines, targeted content creation, multi-channel integration, and performance tracking. We break these into six-month segments so that the tasks are approachable and actionable for your team. We don’t just create a marketing strategy that is tailored to your practice—we do the high-level management and planning that keeps everything working smoothly and moving in a positive direction.  

As a serious entrepreneur, you need more than a report. You need more than skill training. You need a real person that can: 

  • Answer your questions
  • Offer true insight
  • Spearhead your marketing efforts
  • Develop promising opportunities
  • Guide you in growing your business, your way

And that’s exactly the kind of leadership you get with a fractional CMO.  

2. A Fractional CMO Oversees Marketing Tasks With an Eye on Efficiency and Results 

Just like I said above, a fractional CMO doesn’t hand over a strategy and leave you to figure the rest out for yourself. Instead, they’re a hands-on resource that is there to guide you and your team through every step. 

A fractional CMO oversees all your digital channels, including PPC advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, and content marketing. They make sure that everything is working along the set timeline. They make sure that everything is working in harmony and has a defined purpose in your strategy. They keep you and your team focused and accountable, and they set your expectations for results. They also help you set up marketing processes that streamline and integrate all your marketing channels, as well as marketing automation solutions that save you time and money. 

And it doesn’t end with digital marketing—our fractional CMOs can also work with you to find the best options for print, radio, television, streaming, and other traditional marketing channels. And they can guide you through the pros and cons of taking on new channels or using old channels in new ways. 

Ultimately, your fractional CMO should be a proactive expert that is constantly giving you insight into industry trends, untapped market segments, and how to adjust your strategy for these factors and get the best results with the resources available. Much like a traditional CMO, they keep all the threads of your marketing going according to plan, and they help you develop sustainable processes that keep you from wandering off track along the way.   

3. A Fractional CMO Analyzes Your Results and Strengthens Your Strategy Based on Real Data

What works for one practice doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. That’s why your fractional CMO tracks everything you’re doing and helps you understand the performance of the campaigns you launch. 

Our fractional CMOs believe that successful marketing strategies are built on data-driven decisions. They monitor your analytics and campaign performance and present regular updates in language you understand. They guide you in interpreting and using that information to inform your ongoing marketing strategy. They show you where you’re getting the most traction and the best ROI. And they use their experience, your performance data, and insight into coming trends to make sure that you’re prepared for the future.   

This part of marketing is exceptionally difficult to do on your own, especially if you don’t already have a robust education in modern digital marketing. Having a fractional CMO on your side means that you can measure everything you’re doing to grow your business and really understand the results you’re getting from your marketing spend. 

Lots of practices engage in “random acts of marketing” that cause ups and downs and confusing results. But when you have a fractional CMO, nothing that happens with your marketing should be a big surprise. You’ll see it happening as you track and measure it. You’ll know what you’re doing to attract more business and why, and you’ll be able to plan for the future based on smart insights.    

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