4 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing News Items for Your Lawyer Website

This week, in our library section, we shared five great tips for covering local news items on your attorney website that will help you boost traffic, get new contacts, and secure new clients. However, writing news articles can hurt your SEO and your reputation if you go about it the wrong way. Here are four news writing no-nos:

  • Posting old news. Posting news helps traffic because those interested in the news will be looking for articles as the current event unfolds. If you wait too long to post a news story, you won’t benefit from a traffic bump.
  • Posting irrelevant news. You don’t want to get just any traffic from posting a news item. You want to get traffic that is also interested in your legal services. Posting a news item about a pop star or a new movie might get people to your site, but it won’t help your greater goals of getting new clients.
  • Copying news articles word for word. Never ever copy a news article—or any article—word-for-word from another site. Not only is that considered stealing, but it is also very harmful to your SEO efforts. Respect the fact that reporters and journalists work hard for their stories, and try to either link to the news website in your story or at least reference them in your own summary.
  • Reporting on the local competition. You should report on local, relevant stories that matter to your readership, but be careful when you cover the big case your competition just won (or just lost). Also be careful about covering press releases from competing firms. Before your post news, always look at the source.

At Foster Web Marketing, we offer a news item writing service. In addition, we offer training to lawyers who want to learn how to add news content to their websites on their own. To learn more about how you can get breaking legal news on your website, call us today at 888-886-0939.

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