Four Tips On Setting A Google AdWords Budget That Works For Your Law Office

One of the most important aspects of running a successful Google AdWords campaign is understanding how to set a budget for your advertisements that maximizes your return on investment. As you might know, these budgets are set for each campaign and for each separate day of your campaign. How do you know how much to allocate to each of your pay-per-click ads? Here are four tips:

•    Don’t be afraid to start small. Especially if you are new to using Google AdWords, pick a small daily budget to begin and move the budget up as you analyze its effectiveness and learn about the program. Consider moving your budget up if reports show that your campaign is often limited by your budget.
•    Experiment with your settings. Your daily budget is not set in stone. You can change the amount that you spend regularly based on the data that comes back about the success of your campaigns. Just like you will constantly fiddle with other aspects of your AdWords ads, your budget amount can alter the effectiveness of your campaigns. Don’t be afraid to try out new tactics for a few days or weeks.
•    Check out your recommended daily budget. When you have an ad campaign that is consistently limited by its budget (that means it has the potential to get more impressions) Google will recommend a new budget for you. These recommendations don’t come out of thin air. They are based on two weeks of data, including overall campaign performance, your keywords, your current budget, and other settings.
•    Consider using the shared budgets feature. Recently, Google AdWords released a new feature that allows advertisers to pick a single daily budget for multiple campaigns. This can make it easier for you to set a general amount to spend on pay-per-click advertising while spending less time babysitting your account. However, it isn’t right for everyone, as it leaves AdWords to do the work of deciding which campaigns to fund and how much to give each.

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