What does website content have in common with real estate? LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!

So you're adding content to your website but it doesn't seem to be having the impact you'd like. What might you be doing wrong?

Take a look at your web content. Are you targeting clients in your geographic area, or are you writing generic content for "car accident victims" or "estate planning" or "workers' comp"? What you need to do is ALWAYS (ALWAYS! We can't say this enough - ALWAYS!) include your geographic target location in ALL your content.

Here's how to attract web visitors from your target areas:

  1. First, define your target areas. This may sound simplistic, but it is an important step. Make a list of your top 10 cities and counties - these should be areas from which you'd like to attract business. Put this list in order of priority.
  2. Second, write content and focus each piece of content on ONE of those target areas. Make sure that the area is in the page title (the browser title), the page headline (the title of your piece), the meta description, and in the keywords. Of course, also use the area in the actual content - but make sure it sounds natural and not forced, otherwise the search engines may be happy but your website visitors will roll their eyes at your awkward prose and move on.
  3. Third, rotate through your priority list. Write more content for your high-priority areas, but don't neglect the lower priority ones either. Look for news stories in those cities and counties, and write general information articles targeting those areas (for example, Top Ten Tips for Galveston TX Brain Injury Victims).
  4. Fourth, use Google Analytics to examine which keyword phrases are working, and adjust your marketing and content strategy accordingly.
  5. Fifth, keep adding more content! Remember, we recommend that you add at least 30 pieces (articles, blogs, FAQs, news items, etc) each month.

This approach is easier than it may sound. Writing an article about texting and driving? Make sure the title talks about texting and driving in your area - and make sure to use one of your location keywords throughout the content. Then write a blog about texting and driving, and use another target area in the title and content. Then look for a news story in your state, and spin it to appeal to residents of yet another area. That's three articles for three different geographic locations from one topic!

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