Create the Right Type of Content to Attract Your Perfect Clients

If you were to go fishing, wouldn’t you pack bait for your trip? You would put some thought into what you needed to attract a certain kind of fish. The way you approach your website content is no different. While your perfect clients wouldn’t want to think of themselves as “fish” (you don’t have to tell them), you should because you need to put out the right type of bait to get them hook, line and sinker!

Content is anything that is added to your website and is the crux in the process of attracting your perfect clients. It is important to recognize that content can come in many forms—from informative articles to frequently asked questions to blog posts. Content also includes testimonials, press releases, case results—and, yes—the best kind of content today is video! (More on that later)

Search engines and Web visitors devour content. It is what the Web is based upon. If you have ever wondered how your competitors are showing up so high in search results, the likely answer is that they have been adding content—and a lot of it—for a lot longer than you have. You need to do the same, or more, to catch up. It’s as simple as that.

You have options when it comes to updating your website regularly with content:

  1. Do it yourself. Create an editorial calendar that includes your topics and scheduled content postings. Ideally, you should add 30 to 50 content items per month to your website, but keep in mind that this number can vary depending on your market and your competitors. DSS makes it easy to schedule your content to post throughout the month.
  2. Hire someone to help you. If you don’t have time left outside of practicing law, you might consider hiring someone to write content for you. At Foster Web Marketing, we have a seasoned writing team that will create quality content just for you, which captures your preferred message, tone and style.

Creating Web Content for Lawyers Is What We Do Best

We continually train our writers and editors how to develop content that drives traffic and encourages contacts. Our writers and editors are located in the United States and are hired based upon their writing skills and expertise. Think of our team as your own writing staff!

We take the time to learn about your practice and the types of perfect clients you want to attract.  Then, we utilize this information to develop interesting content that is posted throughout the month. The quantity of content you receive is based on your desired level of involvement and your specific goals. 

We also have a program that is designed to get you on the forefront of breaking news related to your practice. With our breaking news “DART” program, we can position you as the expert when major news hits.

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